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online astrologer in india ast planet

Online astrologer in india asks to strengthen the inauspicious set planets, do not wear gems even without forgetting
In Vedic astrology, the basis of prediction is the auspicious position of the planets, their strength, their setting and rising. What effect a planet is giving in the horoscope or is going to give in the future, it is known only by looking at its strength. Prediction is accurate only when the setting planets are properly considered. After all, what would happen when these planets set? And what effect do they really have? Today we will discuss this thing.
According to the principles of Vedic astrology, all the planets keep revolving around the Sun. While traveling in their path, these planets sometimes come near the Sun and sometimes they get away. When a planet comes within a certain distance from the Sun during its period, then that planet loses its power in the bright light of the Sun and gets hidden in the Sun’s light. He ceases to be visible in the sky. In such a situation, this planet is called a set planet. This distance or proximity of each planet to the Sun is measured in degrees.
The planets also are ast  as per online astrologer in india:-
Mercury sets when it comes closer to 14 degrees or more on either side of the Sun. If Mercury is retrograde, then it sets when it comes close to 12 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.
Jupiter is considered to be setting when it comes close to 11 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.
Venus sets on either side of the Sun when it comes closer to 10 degrees or more. But if Venus is retrograde, then it sets when it comes closer to 8 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.
Saturn sets when it comes closer to 15 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.
What is the meaning of ast?
According to Vedic astrology, when a planet is set, it naturally loses its potential. There is a decrease in its strength and if it is said, its effect in the horoscope gets weakened.
When a planet is set in the horoscope, then many types of remedies have been given in astrology to give it strength. Due to the strength of the setting planets, it is believed that they come in an auspicious position. Wearing the gemstone of the planet concerned in this is also a remedy.
But the point to be kept in mind here is that if a planet has set in the horoscope and it is already inauspicious for you, then by wearing its gemstone, you should never make the mistake of giving it extra strength.
This will give more strength to the inauspicious planet and it will start giving inauspicious results. Gemstones of only those set planets are worn which are giving auspicious results in the horoscope.
To give extra strength to the inauspicious set planets, the mantras related to them should be chanted. With the power of mantras, there is a positive change in the position of the inauspicious set planets. Navagraha Puja is also very beneficial in such a situation.