Medical Astrology Predictions Healthy Food

medical astrology predictions healthy food

medical astrology predictions on if you eat food according to the rules given in the scriptures, you will remain healthy and happy:-

Many types of rules have been told in our ancient religious scriptures to lead a healthy and happy life. The most important of them is the rules of eating.
Most of the people do not follow the rule of eating, the one who gets the place wherever he gets, sits down to eat. Whereas in the scriptures, clear guidelines have been given for many things like the time, direction, place of eating.
medical astrology predictions knowing what are those rules…
In Hindu classical beliefs, the sattvikta of food is considered the most important. The food should be pure, there should be pure water and the purest air should be. If all these three are pure, then the person has a long life. This means that if you eat according to the classical rules, then you can get a long life.
Five parts of your body should be kept clean before eating
Before taking food, five parts of your body should be kept clean. They are both hands, both feet and mouth. After cleaning these five organs, one should sit down to eat food.
Before we start eating, meditate on God and thank him for giving us the pleasure of eating. Also, pray that all the hungry of the world get food.
Food is prepared in the kitchen, but food should also be consumed in the kitchen.
Whole family should sit together and have food
The whole family should sit together and eat food. Eating separate meals does not create love and unity among family members.
It is the law of eating in the morning and in the evening because the gastric fire of digestion remains strong till 2 hours after sunrise and 2.30 hours before sunset. According to the scriptures, a person who eats only one meal is called a yogi and one who eats two times is called a bhogi.
Always eat food in east and north direction
Food should always be eaten facing east and north. The phantom gets the food eaten by facing the south direction. And eating food done in the west direction increases the disease.
Always be silent while eating. If it is necessary to speak for some reason, then only do positive things. Do not discuss any kind of problem while having food. Eat the food with pleasure and chew it completely.
Take full care of cleanliness in food. One should not take each other’s leftover food. This leads to an increase in diseases. Luck is affected.
Food should not be taken older than three Prahar (9 hours)
Food that is older than three Prahar (9 hours) should not be taken. Stale food more than three prahars is discarded for human beings. It should be given to animals.
Consumption should happen about an hour after the meal. Horse riding, running, sitting, defecation, etc. should not be done immediately after the meal. This reason is also considered correct according to the medical world.
Taking a walk during the day after meals and walking a hundred steps in the night, lying on the left side, or sitting in Vajrasana helps in the digestion of food. Eating sweet milk and fruits one hour after the meal helps in the digestion of food.
Rules for cooking
The cook should start preparing food only after taking bath.
The mind of the one who cooks the food should also be pure. That is, he should cook food in good spirit.
After preparing the food, three rotis should be taken out to offer to Agnidev. Later put it on cows, dogs and crows.