Best Astrologer In Haryana On Lata Dosha

Best astrologer in Haryana on Lata Dosha

Know about the Lattadosh from the Best astrologer in Haryana. Lattadosh needs to be taken care of while determining the day of marriage. Lattadosh is determined by the position of the constellations and planets. As evident from the name Latta, it refers to the kick of the planets.

On the constellation ahead of the Sun which is on the twelfth constellation, Mars on the third, Saturn on the eighth, and Guru on the sixth constellation. Similarly, some planets kick on their last constellation like Mercury on the seventh, Rahu on the ninth, Moon on the twentieth, Venus on the fifth constellation.

Being Rahu Vakri, it is calculated by considering the next constellation. In Lattadosh, calculating from the constellation of marriage, the planets located in the constellations are determined and their rags are determined. Although the rags of all the planets are considered inauspicious, some scholars consider only the rags of sin and cruel planets to be renounced. Therefore, while taking out the auspicious time of marriage, do discuss Lattadosh.

These 10 types of women are very good and fortunate. This secret is written in the scriptures.

The  Best astrologer in Haryana specialist says that the woman is considered as the form of Lakshmi in Indian families. Maa Annapurna has given him the boon of nutrition. It is a very old saying that where the woman is worshiped, the deity Raman is there. Different scriptures have described some of the characteristics of a woman. Let us know what is the main symptom among them-

Luckily a woman is that-

 One who speaks sweet words. Who has sweetness in his voice and who treats everyone in an affectionate voice?
 Lakshmi is the form of a believer, caring, forgiving, benevolent, intelligent, compassionate, and performing duties with full devotion.
 A woman who is more beautiful than her body.
 To welcome the guests who come home.
 Seeing the alien grief, help him according to his ability by being unhappy, and whoever sees others in sorrow and pain and feels pleasure in removing it.
 Serve everyone equally without any discrimination in the kitchen of the house.
 Who enters the kitchen after bathing daily wearing clean and clean clothes.
 In the morning and evening, in the house before the gods and goddesses, incense, lamp, and sunglasses burn incense.
 Follow husband’s religion.
 Inspire family members to follow the path of religion and policy