Best Astrologer Near Me On Cycle Of Moon

Best astrologer near me on cycle of Moon

Here is brief and general information about the position and caution of the Moon in every sense best astrologer near me. The Moon’s auspicious and inauspicious effects of the horoscope are explained in detail in the Lal Kitab according to each gesture or meal. Know Specialty:-
(1) First House: Coldwater of the pitcher kept in the house. Money on education will benefit. Raj Durbar’s job will be beneficial. As long as the mother is alive, consider wealth and wealth intact. If there is an enemy of Saturn or Moon in the eighth house, then there is a possibility of the death of a brother or sister before birth.
Caution: Do not take lunar donations nor sell lunar items. Add water to the bud. Drinking milk in a silver vessel is beneficial.
(2) Second House: mountain waterfall. The study, mother or family property, pleasure of either. Education will be good for the mother. Chandra’s business will be tardy. It is inauspicious to have a temple in the house. There is no guarantee of the sister of such a person.
Caution: Place raw soil in the house and river water. The chances of getting the property will increase. [ best astrologer near me ]
(3) Third House: desert water. As education progresses, the father’s economic condition will never come, but education will pay its price, yet it is not a condition. Angel, owner of theft and death and owner of age.
Caution: Rahu-Ketu mischief will be avoided if both are dim. The way to escape is to honor Mercury i.e. Durga, sister, and daughter. Virgo banquet is the best solution.
(4) Fourth House: glasses of sweet water. Support will continue in any way for studies. Will be good Mother’s service will prove to be a savior. Profit in Chandra’s business.
Caution: Do not anger the mother in any way. Touch their feet daily. Mother’s service will prove to be a savior.
(5) Fifth House: Hades. Mamatamayi Mother. There may be obstacles in education. There will be benefits in government work.
Caution: The belief in children’s upbringing and religion will remain intact.
(6) Sixth House: bitter or saline water. What will be the effect of this water can not be said, that is, the effect of the lunar located here depends on other planets. If Ketu is inauspicious, then the price of silver will also be soil.
Caution: Drinking milk at night is like poison. [ best astrologer near me ]
(7) Seventh House: The irrigation canal or river water in the field. Death will be at home. Interested in poetry and astrology. The boon of Lakshmi.
Caution: The condition of marriage is that education should be completed or stopped altogether.
(8) Eighth House: If there is no water like nectar then consider it poison, but not a guarantee of normal water. If you study, it will be completed otherwise you will keep your son from studying. It can also happen that both of them keep longing.
Caution: Keep silverware in the house. Touch the feet of the mother.
(9) Ninth House: It is a sea. This pitcher is like a pearl. The full benefit of studies. Such a benevolent person is the protector of others.
Caution: It is necessary to believe in Dharma-Karma, otherwise Rahu will bring a storm in the sea if it is tardy.
(10) Tenth House: poisonous water or water locked from the blockage of the hill. Similar to milk. Do not allow others to read and will not read it yourself. There may be benefits in the work of medicine. [best astrologer near me ]

Caution: Beware of girlfriend or widow. Keep groundwater in the house.
(11) Eleventh House: rainwater stream or bloody well. Illiterate but a scholar. A person is efficient and wealthy. Its auspiciousness increases courage.
Caution: If Shani is auspicious, then donating milk is auspicious.
(12) Twelfth House: Common water or ice. Nighttime storms devastate settlements. Whether education is valued or not, there will be mastery in shopkeeping.
Caution: Keep rainwater in the house. Do not be tempted by in-laws’ property. Keep good relations with your wife.[best astrologer near me ]
If there is such a position of the moon in the horoscope, you can have a relationship with a married woman.
Among the 9 planets, the Moon is considered an auspicious planet, and its zodiac sign is called Cancer.
In astrology, the Moon has got the status of queen among the planets. It stays only for two and a half days in a zodiac, but in these two and a half days it does a lot. The zodiac in which it is present at the time of birth is called the birth sign of the person and its effect is on the person for all ages. This greatly affects the married life.
According to its position in the horoscope, a person can be dissatisfied with the life partner regarding sexual relations, they also get entangled in the extramarital relationship. Let us see how the moon affects married life.
If Saturn is strong in the birth chart and its eyes are falling on the moon or if the moon is sitting with Saturn, then the person gets married late. Such persons also destroy the happiness of their married life due to doubt. In such a horoscope, if there is a vision of any auspicious planet like Venus, Jupiter on the Moon, then the situation can be of some relief.
If the Moon in Saturn’s sign Capricorn or Aquarius is in the seventh house of the horoscope, the person’s life partner can also have a relationship with someone else. The reason for this is that there is an enemy relationship between Moon and Saturn. In these, the Moon of Aquarius also works to increase the distance in the marital relationship. [ best astrologer near me ]
If the Moon is sitting in the 12th house in the sign of Venus, Taurus, or Libra, then the person’s nature is fiery. There is a lot of work in such people, if there is no effect of auspicious planets in the birth chart, then the person does not get satisfaction from his life partner.
If Moon is sitting with Rahu in the sixth house of the birth chart, then the person is related to a wealthy person whose life partner has died.
When the Moon is sitting in the seventh house in the sign of Mars, Aries, or Scorpio, the person does not have proper coordination with the life partner, due to which tension remains. The reason for this is that in Scorpio, the Moon becomes debilitated and makes a person suspicious.

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