Shani Daan On Saturday

Shani Daan on Saturday

Shani Daan, also known as the donation to Lord Shani (Saturn), is a significant ritual in Vedic astrology. This act of offering charity to appease Lord Shani is believed to alleviate the malefic effects of the planet and bring about positive changes in one's life. In this comprehensive guide, Vedic astrologer Kapoor sheds light on the importance of Shani Daan, shares insightful information about Lord Shani, and provides guidance on how to perform the rituals associated with Shani Daan on Saturdays.

What is Shani Daan?

Shani Daan refers to the act of donating items to please Lord Shani and seek his blessings. It is believed that by making charitable contributions on Saturdays, the adverse effects of the planet Saturn can be mitigated, leading to enhanced fortune and protection from misfortunes. Shani Daan can be performed by individuals facing challenges in various aspects of life, such as career, relationships, health, or finances.

What is Shani Dev's Favorite Flower?

According to Vedic astrology, the blue or black variety of flowers is considered auspicious for Lord Shani. Among the various flowers, blue orchids hold a special significance as they are believed to be Lord Shani's favorite. Offering blue orchids during the Shani Daan ritual is said to please Lord Shani and attract his positive energies.

Who is the Wife of Shani Dev?

In Hindu mythology, Goddess Tapti is considered to be the wife of Lord Shani. She is the personification of the river Tapti, and their union symbolizes the harmonious balance between the fiery energy of the Sun (Surya) and the disciplined influence of Saturn (Shani).

What is the Story of Shani Dev?

The story of Shani Dev has its roots in ancient Hindu mythology. Shani Dev is the son of Lord Surya (Sun) and Goddess Chhaya (Shadow). Born to Chhaya, who was unable to tolerate the intense radiance of Lord Surya, Shani Dev acquired a dark complexion. His unique appearance and immense power made him a significant celestial being.

The tale of Shani Dev highlights his testing nature and the pivotal role he plays in shaping an individual's destiny. While his influence is associated with delays, challenges, and obstacles, it is believed that he bestows rewards for one's righteous deeds and acts as a teacher, guiding individuals towards spiritual growth and moral righteousness.

How to Worship Lord Shani on Saturday?

Worshipping Lord Shani on Saturdays can help alleviate the negative impact of Saturn in one's life. Here are the steps to perform the Shani puja:

1. Cleanse yourself: Begin by purifying yourself through a bath or shower. Wear clean clothes suitable for the puja.

2. Choose a dedicated space: Select a peaceful corner in your home or a temple to set up the puja altar.

3. Prepare the altar: Place a picture or idol of Lord Shani on a clean cloth. Decorate the altar with flowers, particularly blue orchids, and light incense.

4. Offer prayers and mantras: Chant the following mantra to invoke Lord Shani's blessings: "Om Sham Shanaye Namah." Repeat this mantra with devotion.

5. Offer prayers and donations: Offer prayers to Lord Shani and donate items like black sesame seeds, black clothes, mustard oil, iron, or black gram (urad dal).

6. Light a diya (lamp): Light a ghee or oil lamp and offer it to Lord Shani.

7. Seek blessings: Conclude the puja by seeking Lord Shani's blessings and expressing gratitude.

Remember to perform the puja with utmost devotion and faith, as it is the sincerity of the worship that holds significance.

What to Do on Saturday for Shani?

Apart from the puja rituals, there are certain practices and precautions you can follow on Saturdays to appease Lord Shani and minimize the malefic effects of Saturn:

1. Observe a fast: Fasting on Saturdays is considered highly beneficial. You can observe a partial or complete fast, depending on your health and capabilities.

2. Charity and donations: Engage in acts of charity and donate to the needy. Offer food, clothes, or financial support to those in need.

3. Recite mantras: Regularly chant the mantras dedicated to Lord Shani, such as the Shani Gayatri mantra or the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra.

4. Read or listen to Shani Chalisa: The Shani Chalisa is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Shani. Reading or listening to it on Saturdays can invoke blessings and protection.

5. Practice patience and discipline: Saturn teaches the virtues of patience, discipline, and perseverance. Cultivate these qualities in your daily life to align with the energy of Lord Shani.

What Puja to Do on Saturday?

Performing the Shani puja on Saturdays is crucial to appease Lord Shani and seek his benevolence. The puja involves offering prayers, chanting mantras, and making donations as a gesture of devotion. The rituals and items required for the puja may vary based on individual beliefs and customs. Consulting with a Vedic astrologer or priest can provide specific guidance on the puja procedure.

How Do I Make Shani Positive?

To make the influence of Lord Shani positive in your life, follow these practices:

1. Practice self-discipline: Embrace discipline and self-control in your thoughts, actions, and habits. Cultivate a responsible and righteous approach to life.

2. Perform charitable acts: Engage in acts of charity and selfless service. Help those in need and contribute to the welfare of society.

3. Seek spiritual guidance: Connect with spiritual mentors, gurus, or astrologers who can provide insights and guidance on dealing with the challenges associated with Lord Shani's influence.

4. Regularly chant mantras: Regularly recite the mantras dedicated to Lord Shani to invoke his blessings and protection. Chanting the "Om Sham Shanaye Namah" mantra can be particularly beneficial.

5. Stay positive and patient: Maintain a positive attitude and practice patience in the face of challenges. Trust that Lord Shani's influence will ultimately lead to personal growth and spiritual evolution.

What to Offer Shani Dev on Saturday?

When performing the Shani puja, it is customary to offer specific items to Lord Shani as a symbol of reverence and devotion. The following items are commonly offered:

1. Black sesame seeds (til)

2. Mustard oil

3. Black clothes

4. Iron objects

5. Black gram (urad dal)

6. Blue orchids (Lord Shani's favorite flowers)

7. These offerings are believed to please Lord Shani and seek his blessings.

How to Do Shani Puja on Saturday?

Performing the Shani puja on Saturdays requires careful attention to the rituals and procedures. Here is a step-by-step guide to performing the puja:

1. Cleanse yourself: Begin by cleansing yourself through a bath or shower. Wear clean and fresh clothes.

2. Set up the puja area: Find a clean and quiet space to set up the puja area. Place a clean cloth or mat as the base for the puja.

3. Prepare the idol or image of Lord Shani: Place the idol or image of Lord Shani on the puja altar. If you don't have an idol, you can use a picture or yantra representing Lord Shani.

4. Light the lamp: Light a ghee or oil lamp and place it on the right side of the deity.

5. Offer flowers and incense: Offer fresh flowers, especially blue orchids, to Lord Shani. Light incense sticks or dhoop to create a fragrant atmosphere.

6. Chant mantras: Recite the mantras dedicated to Lord Shani, such as the Shani Gayatri mantra or the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra. Use a japa mala (prayer beads) to keep count of the repetitions.

7. Offer prayers and seek blessings: Offer your prayers to Lord Shani, seeking his blessings, protection, and guidance. Express your gratitude and devotion.

8. Make donations: As a gesture of charity, donate items like black clothes, sesame seeds, mustard oil, or black gram to the needy.

9. Conclude the puja: Conclude the puja by seeking Lord Shani's forgiveness for any mistakes or shortcomings during the ritual. Express your commitment to following the path of righteousness.

Performing the Shani puja with sincerity and devotion can help establish a strong connection with Lord Shani and invoke his positive influence.

Shani Dev Puja Time on Saturday

The ideal timing for performing the Shani puja on Saturdays is during the period known as Shani Kaal, which is considered auspicious for worshiping Lord Shani. Shani Kaal occurs on Saturdays and lasts for approximately 90 minutes, starting from sunrise. The specific timing may vary based on the geographical location and the prevailing sunrise time.

To determine the accurate Shani puja time for your location, you can refer to online panchang (Hindu calendar) or consult a Vedic astrologer. It is advisable to begin the puja during the early hours of the morning and conclude it within the designated Shani Kaal period.

How Many Saturdays to Fast for Shani?

Observing a fast on Saturdays dedicated to Lord Shani is believed to bring positive changes and alleviate the effects of Saturn's influence. The duration of the fast may vary based on individual preferences and traditions. Some common practices include:

1. One-day fast: Many devotees observe a one-day fast on Saturdays. They abstain from consuming any solid food and only consume water or fruits.

2. 21 Saturdays fast: Some people undertake a more extended fast known as the "Shani Shanti Vrat." It involves fasting on 21 consecutive Saturdays with strict discipline and adherence to rituals.

The duration of the fast can be decided based on personal faith and commitment. It is advisable to consult a Vedic astrologer or spiritual guide for guidance on the fasting duration and rituals.

How to Please Shani Dev for Marriage?

If you are seeking Lord Shani's blessings for a successful and harmonious marriage, you can follow these practices:

1. Chant mantras: Regularly chant the Shani Gayatri mantra or the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra dedicated to Lord Shani. Chanting these mantras can help overcome obstacles and ensure a blissful married life.

2. Offer prayers: Offer your prayers to Lord Shani, seeking his blessings for a suitable life partner and a happy married life. Express your intentions and desires with sincerity and devotion.

3. Perform the Shani puja: Perform the Shani puja on Saturdays, focusing on your marriage aspirations. Follow the rituals and offer donations as a gesture of devotion.

4. Practice patience and understanding: Lord Shani's influence often teaches the virtues of patience, understanding, and perseverance. Cultivate these qualities in your interactions and relationships.

5. Seek astrological guidance: Consult a Vedic astrologer for insights into your horoscope and the potential challenges or remedies related to marriage. They have the ability to offer personalized guidance that suits your specific situation.

By following these practices and having faith in Lord Shani's blessings, you can increase the prospects of a fulfilling and prosperous married life.


Shani Daan on Saturdays is a powerful ritual in Vedic astrology that aims to appease Lord Shani and mitigate the malefic effects of Saturn. By offering prayers, performing the Shani puja, and engaging in acts of charity, individuals can seek Lord Shani's blessings and protection. It is important to approach these rituals with sincerity, devotion, and a righteous attitude. Following the guidance of Vedic astrologer Kapoor, you can embark on the path of appeasing Lord Shani and inviting positive changes into your life.


Q1: What is Shani Daan?

Shani Daan refers to the act of making donations or offerings to appease Lord Shani, the planet Saturn, as per Vedic astrology. It is believed to help alleviate the negative effects of Saturn and bring positive influences into one's life.

Q2: What is Shani Dev's favorite flower?

According to Vedic astrology, blue orchids are considered to be Lord Shani's favorite flowers. Offering blue orchids during Shani puja on Saturdays is believed to please and appease Lord Shani.

Q3: Who is the wife of Shani Dev?

The wife of Lord Shani is Goddess Manda. She is revered as the consort of Lord Shani and is associated with feminine energy and fertility.

Q4: What is the story of Shani Dev?

The story of Shani Dev is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology. According to the legends, Shani Dev is the son of Lord Surya (the Sun God) and Goddess Chhaya. He is known for his just and impartial nature but also for his strictness in delivering justice and teaching valuable life lessons.

Q5: How to worship Lord Shani on Saturday?

To worship Lord Shani on Saturday, you can follow certain rituals and practices. This may include setting up a puja area, lighting a lamp, offering flowers and incense, chanting mantras dedicated to Lord Shani, and seeking his blessings with devotion and gratitude.

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