Moon Mahadasha And Antardasha

Moon mahadasha and antardasha

Moon mahadasha and antardasha || Moon’s Mahadasha – Result of Antardasha:-

(1) When there is antardasha of the moon in the mahadasha of the moon, then there should be a girl child, bright clothes, a meeting of the best Brahmins, there should be talk of mother’s happiness and the person should have the happiness of his wife.

(2) When there is antardasha of Mars in the mahadasha of the moon,

Mars mahadasha and antardasha

Then there may be disease due to pitra-outrage, fire-outrage and blood disorders. Be tormented by enemies and thieves. There be sorrow and sorrow. Loss of wealth and prestige.

(3) In the mahadasha of the moon, There are three doshas in the antardasha of Rahu,

That is if there is any serious incident causing trouble to the mind of the person or there is some physical illness. Enemies may increase, the forest may fall ill, there may be fear and suffering from storms and storms. And there is fever in the body due to the disturbance of eating and drinking.

(4) In the mahadasha of the moon, and antardasha of Jupiter, then

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The tendency of the person is in charity and religion. Get respect from the king, meet friends, get new clothes and ornaments and may all kinds of happiness arise.

(5) When there is a difference of Saturn in the mahadasha of the moon, then

Many types of diseases can be troubled. The native’s friend, son and woman may have illness, there is a possibility of some great calamity or loss of life. That is to say, the antardasha of Saturn in the Moon is very painful.

(6) When there is antardasha of Mercury in the mahadasha of the moon, then

There should always be elephants, horses, cows and all kinds of wealth. Jewelry and property found. May the person be happy and his mind should be fixed in knowledge and intellect.

(7) When there is antardasha of Ketu in the Moon, then

ketu mahadasha experiences

There are incidents disturbing the health. Be afraid of water. There may be loss of money and there may also be loss of brothers, that is, there may be trouble for any brother or the person may become dissatisfied with him. The native may also suffer from slaves and slaves. In short, Ketu in the Moon is a troublemaker.

(8) There is an auspicious result of Venus in the Moon.

There should be happiness in the work related to water, vehicle (riding), money, jewelry. There should also be an increase in the work of farming of the native. If the person is a businessman, then there will be profit in buying and selling goods. In this antardasha, sons, friends, animals, and food should be attained and there should be happiness from them.

(9) When the antardasha of the sun comes in the mahadasha of the moon,

Respect is received from the king. The person does the work of Shurata. If you are suffering from any disease, then there has to be peace of that disease, that is, health remains good, but there is a possibility of getting new diseases due to pitta and vata. In this antardasha, the person becomes victorious. And his enemy side has to be looked down upon.

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