Conjunction Of Two Planets

Conjunction of two planets

Conjunction of two planets:-1. With the combination of Sun and Moon, a person becomes skilled, ill-planned, and technologist.

2. The combination of Sun and Mars is a foreshadowing of masculinity, hardworking nature, brilliance, boldness, and spunky mood.

3. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury makes a person well-loved, soft-spoken, scientific thinker, helpful and prosperous.

4. The confluence of Sun and Venus generates musical intellect and interest in science.

5. Sun-Saturn signifies business nature, fanatical faith, prosperity, abundance, and unmistakable vision in finding talent.

The conjunction of Mercury with two planets

6. Moon-Mars Yoga makes a person cunning, brave, and quarrelsome (even with his parents).

7. Moon-Mercury makes a person a hearty speaker, charming, kind and modest.

8. Moon-Guru makes a person a great planner, educated, pious, tireless hardworking worker.

9. The placement of Moon-Saturn in one place provides slackness and a humble philosophical outlook.

10. Mars-Mercury cooperation generates business profits, medicinal insights, and excessive craving for women.

11. The yoga of Mars-Guru gives a person esoteric insight, respect, and intelligence.

Conjunction of two planets- 2

12. Mars-Venus friendship is a sign of sensual nature, interest in betting deals, arrogance, and readiness to mingle with opponents.

13. The conjunction of Mars-Saturn makes a person quarrelsome, unpleasant, and earns money by unscientific means.

14. Mercury- Jupiter’s yoga makes a person kind, content, rule-follower, and connoisseur of music.

15. Mercury-Venus unity makes a person very talkative, sheltered, fostering, thoughtful, and skillful.

16. The association of Mercury-Saturn leads a person towards unrest and discord.

20. The Jupiter-Venus pair is a symbol of all kinds of prosperity and talent superiority.

21. Jupiter-Saturn makes a person brave, eating-drinking, successful, and highly respected.

22. Venus-Saturn generates physical strength and interest in fine arts.

Mars and Ketu conjunction

Conjunction of three planets

1. Sun, Moon, Mars – courageous, sinful, technical, musical intuition.

2. Sun, Moon, Mercury – fearless, resplendent, diplomatic.

3. Sun, Moon, Guru – Good attitude, getting angry quickly, showing compassion, traveling.

4. Sun, Moon, Venus – Scientific, wishing for the wealth of others.

5. Sun, Moon, Saturn – quarrelsome, lack of money, dependent.

6. Sun, Mars, Mercury – Adventurer, Wrestler, Hard-hearted, Low paid.

7. Sun, Mars, Guru – speaker, honest, state-consultant.

8. Sun, Mars, Venus – Lucky, good patrilineal, eye-sick.

9. Sun, Mars, Saturn – Unwell, needy, thoughtless.

10. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter – Wealthy, poet, wise, and with afflicted eyes.

11. Sun, Mercury, Venus – Traveler, interlocutor, unhappy with married life.

12. Sun, Mercury, Saturn – unlucky, vanquished, abandoned.

13. Sun, Guru, Venus – State-counselor, brave, wise, needy.

14. Sun, Guru, Saturn – respected, abandoned by his own people, fearless.

15. Sun, Venus, Saturn – One who behaves rudely, sloping hands and feet and fearful of enemies.

16. Moon, Mars, Mercury – low, bastard, friendless.

Conjunction of three planets- 2

17. Moon, Mars, Venus – Not very happy with mother and wife, travel-loving.

18. Moon, Mars, Shani – Mother’s early death, free, unpleasant, angry.

19. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter – Prosperous, well-known, happy.

20. Moon, Mercury, Venus – Well educated, bastard, humble, greedy.

21. Moon, Mercury, Saturn – Intelligent, respected, independent thinker, restless.

22. Moon, Guru, Venus – Intelligent, skilled in arts, intelligent, well-mannered, born of a good-natured mother.

23. Moon, Jupiter, Saturn – Scientist, healthy, leader of the community.

24. Moon, Venus, Saturn – writer, fortunate.

25. Mars, Mercury, Guru – poet, wealthy, good-natured wife.

26. Mars, Mercury, Venus – Unformed body-construction, hard-hearted, enthusiastic.

27. Mars, Mercury, Saturn – humble, travel, diseases of the face.

28. Mars, Jupiter, Venus – honored by the state, well-educated progeny, domestic happiness, keeping the public happy.

29. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – heartless, petty, hated by the public.

30. Mars, Venus, Saturn – unlucky, migrant.

31. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus – Lucky, well-mannered, well-mannered, well-bred.

32. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn – Wealthy and prosperous, intelligent, detached.

33. Mercury, Venus, Saturn – Clever, untruthful, full of talent, patriotic.

34. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn – Famous, Wealthy, Well-behaved.

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