Love Marriage Prediction Fifth And Seventh House

love marriage prediction fifth and seventh house

For a love marriage prediction you should ask if you have love yoga in your horoscope, will you have a love marriage?

Every person wants to get love. It sees neither age nor caste and creed. As soon as a little favorable atmosphere is found, love starts flourishing between two hearts. In today’s life, where most of the time of men and women is spent in the office, it is easy to grow love in such a situation.
But the problem arises when this love breaks before it reaches height. Or sometimes even after reaching the height, the partner cannot be found. In such a situation, the person gets into depression and takes the wrong step.
Which person will get when and how much love it can be told by looking at his birth chart. According to astrology, the condition of the planets present in your horoscope tells whether there is love in your luck or not. Let us know which such planetary yogas are there in the horoscope which form the yoga of attainment of love.
If these planetary conditions are there then the flower of love will bloom
For the water of love in life, it is very important for the planet Venus to be good in the horoscope of your native. Venus, Moon, and Mars are the main planets that give rise to love. According to astrology, Venus is a female planet. Venus is also the causative planet of husband-wife, love affair, enjoyment, pleasure, etc.
If Venus is favorable, then life is filled with love, when Venus and Mars are formed in the horoscope of the person or there is a relation between them, then in such a situation love can come out in the life of the person.
Chances of finding love strong
Apart from this, if the lords of the fifth and seventh come together, then this position also creates positive yoga for love life and you are more likely to get your love. If the sight of Venus is falling on the fifth or it is looking at the moon, then in such a situation love secretly increases. Sitting together of Panchmesh and Ekadashesh also creates strong love yoga in the horoscope.
If there is a vision of Saturn on Venus-Mars then love will be broken
There are many situations in the birth chart in which you can have a lot of love life junk. If love breaks into a person’s life, then it happens from the point of view of cruel planets. When Venus and Mars are together, then love yoga is formed, but if Saturn is aspecting them, then love relations can be broken.
The conjunction of Venus with the Moon is also auspicious for Prem Yoga in the horoscope, but when Saturn is aspected on it, it becomes a Vish yoga, which leads to estrangement over small things and breakup. till it comes
Please venus before love marriage prediction to get love
If you also want to get love in your life then please the planet Venus. For this, start wearing a silver ring on the thumb. Also, wear white, bright clothes every Friday. Always carry a white handkerchief with you. Venus is also pleased by wearing a pink rhinestone garland or bracelet.