Best Astrologer In South Delhi On Relatives

Best astrologer in south Delhi on relatives

Know more from the Best astrologer in south Delhi as a lot has been written in Astrology regarding the effect of planets and constellations on our mutual relations. The planet is associated with a relative of ours, that is, wherever the planet is located in the horoscope, it tells the position of our relative according to that food.

1. Surya: Father, Tau, and Ancestor.

2. Chandra: Mother and Aunt.

3. Mars: Brother and friend.

4. Mercury: Sister, aunt, daughter, sister-in-law, and maternal side.

5. Guru: Father, grandfather, guru, deity. It is represented by the husband in the horoscope of the woman.

6. Venus: Wife or Woman.

7. Shani: Uncle, maternal uncle, servant, and servant.

8. Rahu: Brother-in-law and father-in-law. However, Rahu is represented by Dada.

9. Ketu: Children and children. However, Ketu is considered to be the representative of Nana.

Relatives continued….

On the contrary, the specialist of Astrology can know the position of planets even after knowing the position of relatives. As per the Best astrologer in south Delhito improve the planets, it is said to improve relationships, that is, to strengthen your relationships.

Ultimately it can be assumed that each house in the horoscope represents some relationship and each planet is related to human relationships. If a planet is weak in the horoscope, then by strengthening the relationships related to that planet, the planet can also be corrected.

On the other hand, even by strengthening the planets, a relationship can be strengthened. At the same time, those relatives can also be happy, as if the sister has any kind of pain and pain, then you should take measures to repair your planet, Mercury.

How to do Shanishchar fast

The Best astrologer in south delhi suggests that Shanishchar fast should be done for 51 or 19 Saturdays. Wearing black clothes, chant 19, 11, or 5 rounds of this mantra ‘Om Pram Prim Praunsa: Shanaye Namah’.While chanting, keep pure water, black sesame, milk, sugar, and Gangajal in a vessel with you.

After chanting, offer it to the root of the Peepal tree facing west. Eat things made of urad (wrist) flour, panjiri, dumplings, cheela, and bada, etc. in the food. Must eat things made in some oil. Eat a banana in fruit.

By observing this fast, all kinds of worldly troubles are removed. Victory is achieved in the fight. For the people of iron, machinery, and factories, this fast is beneficial in business.

How is Venus fasting done?

Venus fast should be done for 31 or 21 Fridays. Wearing white clothes, chant this mantra for 21, 11, or 5 rounds of ‘Om Dram Drin Draunsa: Shukray Namah’. Eat foods made of rice, sugar, milk, curd, and ghee in the food. By observing this fast, happiness, good fortune, and wealth increase.

How Jupiter’s fast is done

According to the Best astrologer in south Delhi, Jupiter fast should be done for 3 years, 1 year, or 16 Thursdays. Wearing yellow-colored clothes, chant 16, 5, or 3 rosaries of this mantra ‘Om gran grin groans: gurve namah’. Eat only sweet laddus made of gram flour, ghee, and sugar in the food. This fast is wise and knowledgeable for the students. This fast leads to stability of wealth and an increase of fame. For the unmarried, this fast is helpful in marriage.

How to do Mercury fast

 Mercury fast should be done for 45, 21, or 17 Wednesdays. Wearing green-colored clothes, chant this mantra ‘Om Bram Brim Brauns: Budhay Namah’ for 17, 5, or 3 rounds. Food made from salt-free moong should be eaten. Like Moong Halwa, Moong Panjiri, Moong Ladoo etc. Before meals, eat three basil leaves with charanamrit or Gangajal and then eat. By observing this fast, one gains knowledge and wealth. There is progress in business and the body remains healthy.

The planets of the horoscope will tell which tree is beneficial, know by the Best astrologer in south Delhi. When a person follows the law of nature in every work, then he remains happy and healthy. In our deity culture, nature is worshiped in the form of power.

Importance of trees

What is the importance of trees and which tree is beneficial or not according to the horoscope of the person, it has been clearly mentioned in Astrology. In Astrology, every planet is a factor of some tree, and the good planets in the horoscope, it is considered auspicious to have their trees near the house. Sun is the factor of the tree of fast fruit, the house in which it is sitting, towards that house, outside or inside the house, the tree of fast fruit gives auspicious results.

Mars is the factor of the neem tree, so the neem tree will give auspicious results according to the house.
The karaka of Mercury is a banana or broad-leafed tree. That is why planting a banana tree will be fruitful.
The planet Jupiter is the factor of the Peepal tree. If Jupiter is benefic in the horoscope and the house in which it is sitting, planting a Peepal tree in that part of the house or in that direction will give auspicious results. Sometimes milk should be kept in this tree and dirt should not be kept around it.

Importance of trees continued,

If Venus is good in the horoscope, then planting a money plant in the house is very auspicious. In today’s era, houses are completely pucca from the inside. Therefore Venus is not established in the house, because Venus is the factor of raw land. Therefore, if there is no raw land anywhere in the house, then planting a money plant is a factor of auspicious results. The karaka of Venus is the cotton plant and the money plant is also the karaka of Venus.

Any lying vine moving forward on the ground is a significator of Venus. The Best astrologer in south Delhi says that Shani is the Karak of Kikar, Mango, and Date tree. These trees should not be allowed to be installed around the house even inauspicious conditions.

Coconut trees or today’s cactus are the factors of Rahu.

It is not auspicious to keep cactus and any kind of thorny plants in the house.

Ketu is the cause of tamarind trees, sesame plants, and banana fruit. If Ketu is bad, then planting these plants around the house becomes a factor of inauspicious results for the son of the owner of the house, because Ketu is also the factor of our son in the horoscope.

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