Know Which Gift Is Good For A New Home

Know which Gift is good for a New Home

Often there is a Vastu worship of someone’s new house, then the question arises whether to give a gift. Something that the owner of the house feels good as well as auspicious for his house. Be also in tune with Vastu and also be attractive from an artistic point of view. Let us know which gift is auspicious for a new house according to Vastu and

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1. Elephant:

All scriptures and books are unanimous about this, it is very auspicious to give an elephant or elephant pair in the launch of a new house. A large artistic elephant, be it silver-gold, brass or bronze, marble or terracotta. Wooden carved or fiber optic, you can choose according to your pocket. Even elephant painting is auspicious. In the scriptures, the elephant is considered a symbol of household, happiness, prosperity, opulence, good luck, and splendor. Giving it in the house of Vastu increases the income of the owner of the house and also sweetens the relationships. It is amazingly fruitful for a householder and newcomer.

2. Horse:

A picture of seven white horses is considered auspicious in Feng Shui. Indian scriptures also say that if you want to join the Vastu Puja of someone’s house, it is auspicious to give a picture of a horse in the offering. If the owner of the house is a businessman then it is more auspicious for him. If they have children looking for a career in their home, then this picture will be helpful for them. It is normally beneficial for the businessman but for the businessman, the picture of the horse brings amazing auspiciousness.

3. Two-way Ganesha:

Such a statue or picture with Ganesha on both sides, this gift is for those who have a big bungalow and the family is very big. This gift is best for those who live jointly. It is said in the scriptures that there is impoverishment behind the back of Ganesha, so such an idol in which only the face of Ganesha is seen on both sides is beneficial for the family. Such a statue brings continuous information about Mars in the house and it is installed at the main gate itself. Keep in mind that Ganesha should never give hanging or hanging ones, but only those that can be stuck on the wall above the main gate. One more thing, never give only the face of Ganesha, but give priority to such Ganesha whose visible Deity is complete.

4. Apparel(Vastra):

It is an age-old tradition that on the architecture of a new house, the family gives clothes to the owner of the house. This tradition is truly auspicious. Where Vastu Puja is being done, giving clothes and cash amount to the entire family of the house is a good indicator. It is auspicious for both the consuming and the giving side. Gifts of cash should also be given to the eldest member of the household. If the owners of the house are close, have relatives, then there is no need to think, give only the clothes, all you have to think about is where to get their clothes/clothes/sarees, etc.

5. Pionia flowers:

These flowers are called the queen of flowers. Pionia flowers are considered symbols of beauty, love, and romance. This flower is generally considered to be related to women. If there are marriageable girls in a family, then give Pionia flowers or flower paintings for the meeting (drawing room) at the inauguration of their house. This increases the good fortune of the family and the girls get an eligible groom soon. It should usually be placed in the corner of the south-west direction of the meeting. By doing this, a wave of happiness soon runs in the house like a flower.

6. Other:

Generally, items of daily use, furnishing materials, etc. are given on the occasion of the launch of the new house. But try that the gift you are giving is auspicious for the owner-house. A house is a sign of the auspiciousness of Mars. Therefore, any material made of clay/terracotta is good for everyone. Soil is the symbol of Mars and Mars is considered to be the son of Earth, but keep in mind that do not forget any red-colored item to the homeowner.

If the newlyweds have a house, then it would be good to give them the statue of Laddugopal. This gift is given to get children. In the scriptures, giving silver at the launch of a new house is considered to be auspicious, while giving gold is prohibited.