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Astrologer in Bhayandar – If you want to do love marriage then read this carefully

The first priority of the youth of today comes career and then marriage, but in the pursuit of making a career, the age of youth goes out, and then it becomes difficult to find a suitable life partner. Marriage is considered to be an important stage of life, so it is natural for parents to be worried if their children are not married on time.
If there is a son, then the parents wish that a good daughter-in-law should come to the house and if there is a daughter, then she should get a good family and husband. Sometimes marriage gets postponed due to lack of proper bride or groom. This creates an atmosphere of strange tension in the youth as well as in the whole family.
If astrologers are to be believed, there are many such yogas and misfortunes in the horoscope, due to which there is a hindrance in the marriage of the boy and the girl, its solution has also been told in astrology. If advice is taken from an astrologer having the right knowledge, then the obstacles coming in marriage can be removed in time. Let us see which are those astrological remedies that are capable of removing the obstacles coming in marriage work.
Pukhraj Ratna: – The representative planet of marriage related works is Jupiter. If Jupiter is showing a negative effect in the horoscope then there is a hindrance in marriage. The matter of marriage gets stuck every time it is made. Even the relationship breaks up after getting engaged.
To overcome this problem, measures are taken to make Jupiter favorable. Topaz is the gemstone of Jupiter. By wearing this, if Jupiter is showing bad effects in the person’s horoscope, then it gets cured. Topaz is always worn in a golden ring on the index finger. Topaz of 6, 8, and 12 carats is not worn.
Rose Quartz i.e. Pink Rhinestone works to strengthen love relationships. It should basically be worn by lovers but if there is a hindrance in marriage then rose quartz garland can be worn. Heart-shaped Rose Quartz can also be placed in the North-East showing of the house. Or it can also be kept in the bedroom of the young man.
After marriage, if the relationship between husband and wife is not going well, then Rose Quartz placed in the bedroom will infuse new energy in their relationship. The relationship will be loving.
Aquamarine Stone on astrologer in Bhayandar:- This stone should be worn by those people whose married life is going in trouble. Those who have estrangement, tension, quarrel with their spouse. If such a person wears an aquamarine pendant, then there will be happiness and peace in their married life. By wearing it, sex life is also good.
Those who are waiting for marriage and in spite of lakhs of efforts, things are not getting done, then such young men and women should always wear any jewelry made of aquamarine. Will profit soon. This maintains balance in the family.
Astrologer in Bhayandar on shukra Yantra:- The planet Venus is the causative planet of enjoyment, material pleasure, sexual pleasure, libido in life. If the position of Venus is not right in the horoscope, then there is always a lack of sexual pleasure in a person’s life and his married life becomes discordant. The bad position of Venus is also harmful to marriage and love relationships.
Its yantra is used to please Venus. With the installation of Shukra Yantra, the bad effects of Venus are immediately destroyed and positive energy is transmitted in love relationships. Those who want to do love marriage, should establish Shukra Yantra and worship it regularly.
Guru Yantra: The bad position of the planet Jupiter, the representative of marriage, also creates obstacles in a marriage. Just as Shukra Yantra opens the way for love marriage, in the same way, Guru Yantra is also capable of removing obstacles in a marriage. Bring the Guru Yantra into the house on Thursday and install it in the place of worship and visit it regularly.
Offer yellow flowers to the Yantra every Thursday. If possible fast on Thursday, feed seven bananas to the cow every Thursday. Doing 7 Thursdays will show results miraculously. Apart from these, there are many other yogas due to which there is a hindrance in marriage. Therefore, after showing the horoscope to a qualified astrologer, take advice and take measures accordingly.