Best Practices On Diwali And Navratri For A Better Life

Best practices on Diwali and Navratri for a better life

Five days of Diwali is considered the most auspicious to overcome the money crisis. According to the scriptures if a person does not take the means of retirement from his original debt then he has to borrow any kind in this life in the form of meaning benevolence mercy. Only after taking this loan off, a man can attain Lakshmi.

On the other hand, Navratri is an auspicious festival of Maa Durga that will begin from Seventh October Twenty-Twenty. This year devotees will pray to the mother to end the Asura as Corona this year the mother should enjoy this prasad for nine days. Make most of the tips by the renowned astrologer in Delhi we are not only the best in Delhi but among the best astrologer in India. Below is the list of what to do during Diwali this year

Navratri for a better life continues,

Light Thirteen lamps on the day of Dhan Teresa and put a penny in each lamp. When the lamp is completely clean it with thirteen shells and keep it in the vault.

On the day of Narak Chaturdashi also known as Rupa Chaturdashi offer purity to the Goddess by applying Durova and Bilvapatra in a garland of five types of flowers. Keep silent while doing the wreath this experiment is effective and increases fame.

Navratri for a better life continued,

After eleven o’clock in the night of Deepavali sit with concentration and close your eyes and meditate that Mahalaxmi is seated on Kamalasana in front and you are offering lotus flowers on them. Offer a total of one hundred eight mental lotus flowers. By doing this Lakshmi is pleased.

Also reciting Vishnu Sahasranama or Gopal Sahasranama is very good.

On the day of Annakoot by making food in the temple for the deity the cow for the ancestors To the dog for the field keeper To a Brahmin for sages To the bird for the total god Offer to beggars for Bhutadi. Together offer water to the tree Arghya to the Sun Offer ghee to the fire Giving flour to the ants and giving a shot of flour to the fish brings happiness in the house.

On the day of Bhai Duj in the morning pure silk thread and remember Guru and Ishta Dev and tie this Dora in their right hand after incense lamp. Remember God while tying Dora. This use gives protection year after year.

Navratri for a better life continues,

Try these remedies recommended by the famous astrologer in Delhi for Five ways above to overcome the financial crisis and watch your day changing rapidly and how to get blessings from Maa and the type of prasad to offer details below

Offer pure ghee to the cow on the first Navaratri to maa which will bring her blessings as a healer. And the body remains healthy.

On the second Navratri offers sugar to the mother and gives it to all the members in the house. This increases the age.

On the third Navratri donate milk or sweet milk pudding made of milk to the Brahmin by offering it to the mother. With this, the liberation of sorrows leads to ultimate bliss.

Offer Maa Durga as an offering to Maa Durga on the fourth Navratri. And donate to the Brahmin of the temple. Due to which intelligence develops as well as decision power increases.

On the fifth day of Navratri, the body remains healthy by offering banana naivedya to the mother.

Offer honey to the mother on the sixth Navratri day. Which will increase your attraction power.

By offering jaggery to the mother on the seventh Navratri and donating it to a Brahmin one gets relief from mourning and also protects from impending troubles.

On the eighth day of Navratri offer coconut to the Rani and donate the coconut. This relieves child-related problems.

On the Navami day of Navratri offer sesame seeds and donate it to a Brahmin. This will give relief from fear of death. There will also be protected from untoward incidents.