Astrology For Foreign Education | Foreign Travel

Astrology for foreign education | Foreign travel

Astrology for foreign education:-Information about foreign travel and residence – what does your horoscope say?
These days everyone is willing to go abroad for the purpose of education or employment and tourism. Also, India’s population living abroad is the largest in the world.

Notably, as of 2018, around 30 million Indians are located abroad.

Being Astrology for foreign education, we are regularly receiving many queries from natives regarding trips to Canada, USA or Middle East, and Australia.

At the same time, the increase in the number of international migrants also reflects the increasing importance of international migration.

Ancient classical books

State that a person who lives abroad will be considered

unlucky as per Astrology for foreign education.

However, now the present view has been completely changed. With the development of modern technology, today people can enjoy traveling without missing their family.

Mobile phones and social media are the chain between foreign countries and home countries. With technological facilities, the distance has now reduced, therefore, people are more prepared for foreign trips. Also, at present, the natives consider foreign residence as an achievement and success.

Major reasons for traveling abroad for admission to higher studies i.e. for the purpose of education live

abroad for the purpose of marriage for short tours

The entire zodiac is 360 degrees and for the purpose of astrology,

it is divided into

12 parts of 30 degrees each.

Effective astrology quotes for foreign travel

Out of the 12 houses, there are some important houses which are effective for foreign trips,the following are-
First House: It represents the personality of the individual. The relation of this house to the 7th and 12th house shows foreign travel.
3rd House: This house indicates short journeys, as it is 12th from the 4th house. The 4th (fourth) house symbolizes the motherland.
Fourth House: Fourth house represents the abode, a house. In order to settle abroad, the influence of a debilitating or malefic house is necessary in the fourth house of the horoscope. This position helps in the evacuation of the person from his home country.
Seventh House: This house represents travel, partnership business, and life partner. Its relation with the 12th house is also necessary for foreign trips. It has also been


that the spouse may be from abroad.
Eighth House: This house also plays an important role in going out of the country. It indicates sea travel. In

modern times it is also called the

house of indulgence and research house.
Ninth House: The 9th house represents a long journey. This is the most important house which signifies foreign travel. Well the lord of the 9th house indicates that the person will prosper in a foreign land. This house represents spiritual education as well as higher education. Its association with the 12th house is a strong combination for foreign travel.
Tenth House: 10th house represents business. This too is the spirit of karma. Its association with the 9th, 3rd, or 12th houses indicates that the native will travel abroad for business purposes.

Effective combination for traveling abroad:-

I have analyzed the horoscopes of different people and for the purpose of study, I give the important combinations in Necessary suffering for the fourth house. This means that there should not be any benefic planet in this house.

If so, the aspect of a malefic planet is necessary. The fourth house is the house of motherland- if it is afflicted and

is associated with or exchanged with the 12th house,

there will be chances of foreign travel.

The connection of the 3rd house or its lord with the 7th, 9th, and 12th houses signifies foreign tours. The 12th house is from the third or fourth.

The 5th house is the house of education,

Intelligence, and creativity. A relationship between the 5th, 9th, and 12th house indicates that the native is likely to go abroad for educational purpose. He can also go to present any paper to a foreign country.

If the 1st, 7th, and 12th houses are connected to each other,

the native will go abroad for business deals. This coincidence also tells that the native can go abroad after marriage.

9th house is the house of advance education, luck, and long journey. Its association with 5, 9, 12, and 7 indicates that the native will travel abroad for education or religious needs. In the case of the afflicted fourth house, he may settle or reside in a foreign land even after his education.

If more planets are in double signs, it often indicates foreign travel as well.

10th house is the house of profession and career. Its relation with

12th house- indicates career in a foreign country.
Apart from the above, Moon, Saturn, Rahu, and Lagnesh in 12th also indicate foreign travel or settlement.
If there is no total in the D-1 chart, we should also go through the D-9 chart for exotic combinations.
Effective remedies for foreigners:

Sometimes people go for visa interview again and again. But

they get rejected time and again

despite the yoga for foreign settlement in the horoscope. To overcome these obstacles, I would recommend reciting the planetary mantras of the 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 12th houses.

Mantra for each person depends on Dasha, Mahadasha, and Antardasha.

Assuming the 9th lord is Shani, in the 12th house – it would be better to recite Shani Mantra- (Om Pram Pram Samam Shanishcharaya Namah). Similarly, if the 9th lord is Mar and is in the 12th house – chant the Mar Mantra – Om kram kri kraun sah bhoumay namah. The recitation of these mantras will remove some obstacles in getting a visa.