According To Lal Kitab, Terrible Damage From South-facing House, Know The Remedy

According to Lal Kitab terrible damage from south-facing house know the remedy

Many people say that people living in a south-facing house have been seen happy or those in the south-facing shop have also been found to be making progress, but such people are probably not fully aware of their lives. It may also be that the defects in the south direction are eroding for some reason. how? It is important to know. Let’s know the mysterious knowledge of Lal Kitab.

Actually, there is some planet in every direction which has its good or bad effect. It depends on the architecture of the house, the architecture of the locality and the environment around it, and the condition of the trees. Sun in the east, Venus in the igneous, Mars in the south, Ketu in the west, Saturn in the west, Moon in the sky, Mercury in the north, Jupiter in the north.

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Since the influence of Mars in the south direction, Mars is a sign of blood in our body, brother in a relationship, and fight-fight. This direction is also considered to be the direction of Yama. It is said that the south of the south is the worst. As per the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi, if the south direction of the house is corrupted then the following troubles and diseases arise.

1. The effect of ultraviolet rays from the south direction is more, which is not good for health.

2. Contamination of this direction causes eye disease, high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, boils, and pimples. Kidney stones, frequent fever attacks, tremors in the body, weakness, joint pain, blood-related diseases are also there.

3. Wounds or injuries, incidents,s or accidents are likely to be formed due to contamination of this direction. There is also the possibility of accidental death.

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4. Due to the contamination of this direction, it becomes difficult to have children. Physical weakness persists.

5. In the south direction, the sun stays for the longest time due to which the entrance of the house remains hot. Due to this, there is a lack of oxygen in the house.

6. Due to contamination of this direction, irritation, anger, estrangement from brothers, problems like housewives, etc. arise.

Solution :

1. The direction of Mars is considered to be south. Neem tree determines the position of Mars whether Mars will give auspicious effect or not. Therefore, there must be a big Neem tree in the south direction. If there is a green tree of neem located at a distance of the gate in front of the south-facing house or there is another house bigger than the house, then the effect of the south direction will disappear to some extent.

2. Apart from this, a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji should also be placed on the door. By placing an idol or picture of Hanuman Ji in the blessing posture just in front of the door, the main door towards the south direction is removed.

3. If your door is towards the south, then put a life-size mirror just in front of the door in such a way that the entire image of the person entering the house is made in the mirror. This causes the person to enter the house to turn back with negative energy entering the house.

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4. If there is a main window or window in the south direction, then by it or by changing the window, in the west, north, air, north, or east direction, the bad effects of the south also stop.

5. By placing the pyramid of Panchadhatu above the main gate, the Vastu Dosh also ends.

6. Make two stone idols of Ganesha with their backs connected. Fix this connected Ganesha idol in the center of the main door, so that one Ganesha looks inside and one outside.