Astrology Girl 'Khana' Will Leave This Surprise, Read The Story

Astrology girl Khana will leave this surprise

In mathematics, the name of Sakal Khana is very famous in Jyotish with the respect with which Lilavati is named. Khana was the daughter of an astrologer from the island of Lanka. It is a matter of the 7th-8th century. There was the kingdom of Maharaja Vikramaditya in Ujjayini.
There were great artists, poets, pundits, astrologers, etc. in his court. Varaha was the leader of Astrologers. They were counted in Navratnas. Historians are familiar with the name of Varahamihira. Mihir was Varah's boy. When Mihir was born, Varah calculated that Mihir was only 10 years old, but this was his mistake.
She had left a void when calculating, she was 100 years old. Varaha locked him in a handi and threw him into the Shipra River. Handi traders got their hands on; They raised him and brought him to work. Mihir was promising, astrology was his ancestral property; He wandered to the house of an astrologer in Lanka. He studied astrology. He was married to an astrologer, who was an astrologer. Later he traveled to India. Even after coming to Ujjayini, he defeated Varaha. Somehow Varah comes to know that this is his only son.

Now the stringent questions of astrology used to be solved. Sometimes, Khana sitting inside the house made the father-in-law aware of the biggest mistake. The people of the city did not know that Mihir's wife is such a scholar. Varah used to get angry at his scholarship. He never liked to say that from time to time I make a mistake in my calculations. Khana used to get such calculations, which Varah or Mihir did not even notice.
One day the king asked Varah a difficult question regarding the Taraganas. He asked for a chance. Returning home in the evening, he began to solve the question, but there was no metaphysics in any way. Khana explained it to him while talking at night. Varaha was happy to think that my daughter will remain in the Rajya Sabha due to her daughter-in-law's education. The next day the king asked the method of the plow. Varaha had to say that Khana has solved the question. The king and the members were amazed. The king said- 'Bring him to the assembly with respect, we will ask more questions.' Varah did not like this thing. He came home and ordered the son to bite Khana's tongue. Mihir was surrounded by his father's obedience and Sati-Sadhvi Vidushi Khana's love. Khana explained to Mihir that more important than the love or love of a woman lies in obeying the father's command. He said that 'I will die from an accident, so you fearlessly bite your tongue'.
Mihir obeyed her husband. She bites her tongue. In this way, Sadhvi Khana taught her husband a true sense of self-righteousness and saved the father-in-law from having his kulvadhu present in the court. Farmers and rural people tell the future of watering, drought, etc. with the principles and calculations of Khana.

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