How To Keep Moon Happy

How to keep moon happy

How to keep moon happy:-By worshiping Bhole Shankar, the moon will be happy on you!

“Chandra Manso Jatash” means the moon is the factor of human mind. It is said that if the mind is right then everything is right. Moon has a very important place on the basis of Indian astrology and astronomy. Moon governs the water element in nature. Life is not possible without water. There is a connection between the Moon and Mars in the blood that is inside the human being. According to astrology, Moon gives maximum results in Cancer.

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Diseases of the moon

As we know that the Moon is the karaka of the mind, so it will definitely give diseases related to the mind. If the Moon is in a weak or debilitated sign in the horoscope of the person or if it forms a conjunction with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars, then the person becomes weak in mind. Gives diseases like anxiety, fear, insanity, dandruff, skin diseases, and menstrual irregularities or leucorrhoea in women. It also gives a tendency to commit suicide. On the other hand, whose moon is strong, then he has a calm mind.


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The person in whose birth chart the Moon is in Cancer or exalted gives a creative personality in a person. Employment-related to milk or water is better, and work related to education is better. By the way, employment is dependent on the basis of many points of view. Moon is also a factor of liquid money.

What to do if humans are afflicted by the Moon?


1) Moon is the factor of the mother, so it is most fruitful to serve the mother.

2) Drinking water in a silver vessel also strengthens the moon.

3) Water should not be spilled too much at night. Often people wash clothes at night, due to which the moon is bad, so clothes should not be washed at night.

4) Apply coconut oil in the navel.

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5) Worship of Bholenath in Sawan is the best. Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or offering milk on Shivling will bestow auspiciousness. Especially on the day of Shivratri, if the person performs Rudrabhishek, then the moon will have immense blessings.