Secrets Of Spouse Astrology

Secrets of spouse astrology

Secrets of spouse astrology married life should pass through happiness it remains for everyone but the planets born at birth have an effect on married life too. Some of these planets are such due to the effect of marriage life is disturbed and the person is not able to live in peace.

Seventh place in Gemini ascendant 

Secrets of Spouse Astrology – 2

The secrets of life from The seventh house

The seventh house of the horoscope of any person can be considered to be their spouse. Young women often have

a curiosity about how they will get married how their husband will be and how they will get along with him. As per the best matrimonial astrologers in Delhi

The Seventh house is of the life partner. The happiness and sorrow of married life are seen in it. If the owner of

the sixth eighth or twelfth house has gone to the seventh eighth or tenth house then married life becomes an obstacle. Even when Saptamesh is with Ketu the couple causes some obstacles in life.

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Saptamesh should have a visual relationship or a relationship with the planets even then there is no happiness. Even if Saptamesh is in a dead state or very inauspicious the couple feel obstacles in life.

The leading Vedic astrologer in Delhi suggests that married life is painful if Saptamesh Venus is in the sixth or eighth or twelfth house. If the owner of the best house is in the constellation of Ketu then married life becomes difficult. Even if the owner of the highest house is in the constellation of Ketu happy marriage is not life.

Saptamesh can be an obstacle in married life even when it is with lowly or sinful planets. Even if the best house is associated with Saturn and mars or has a visual relationship married life remains discordant. The person whose has the Sun moon in the best house and Venus or independent Sun moon is in Amavasya Yoga even then there is an obstacle in marriage.

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Marriage reduces happiness if there is the best feeling with the best Saptamesh Lagna. In the best house if there is an enemy zodiac or low mars and the sun is visible then even a happy married life is not there. Even the lack of mutual coordination or planetary planets can spoil married happiness. Friendships are formed in the relationship with each other.

In any case, there should not be Shadakta Yoga. Sometimes Saturn and the moon together cause obstruction in the marriage even if it is in the best house.

Here is some basic information about the seventh house of the horoscope as per the best astrologer in south Delhi

1) If the lord of the seventh house is afflicted by Rahu, then her husband will be an addict.
2) If the seventh lord is in the Lagna, then such a girl marries at his own discretion Love marriage.
3) If the lord of the seventh house is inauspicious, then there will be no scope for gains or profit from her husband.
4) If the lord of the seventh house is auspicious in the tenth house then the future spouse of such a girl may also be a businessman or a politician but will have a thick body.

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5) If the Sun mercury venus is in the seventh house then the husband of such a girl will not be worthy.
6) If the seventh house is in the eighth house then the marriage will be late and the husband’s normal complexion will be diligent.
7) If the seventh house lord is in the sixth house then the marriage of such a girl will be delayed and many obstacles may occur.

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8) If there is a combination of Saptamesh Panchamesh and Lagnesh then the girl does love marriage.
9) If Saptamesh Shani is in union with the moon then marriage will take place at a very old age or marriage may not take place.
10) If Saptamesh Ketu is with mars then there is more possibility of separation.
11) If Saturn is seen on the seventh house and mars is also there then his groom will not be right. After marriage, there will be tension.

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If the planet is in the horoscope as above then the fruits will be found in the same way. The emergence of planets will be very fruitful. At the same time if the planets of the inauspicious planets are retrograde then there will be more or less fruit in the fruit. In this way, we can know what the groom will be like.

One should never wear the jewels of Saptamesh. As said by the best marriage astrologer in India, It is best to donate if the Saptamesh is unfavourable. Sun Rahu should not be in the best house nor should it be with the Saptamesh. In Saptamesh Nawansh, married life is difficult even if it is in inauspicious or enemy planets or Saturn is on mars. If the status of the planets is not in the horoscope, then marriage happiness is good.