All In One Remedies For Shani Kalsarpa Mangal Dosha Pitridosh

All in one remedies for Shani Kalsarpa Mangal Dosha Pitridosh

All in one remedies for Shani Kalsarpa Mangal Dosha Pitridosh:-

There are many people who are scared of Saturns sade sati Kaal Sarp Dosh Mangal Dosh and Pitra Dosh. Some people are afraid of the lunar eclipse solar eclipse as well. It is necessary to know here whether you should be scared of them. How many of them are really valid and how many are not. Actually according to Sanatan Dharma one does not need to fear anyone except that one Brahman.

Everything is made by your karma and your thinking. There is no mention of the above things in Hindu scripture Veda and Gita. Even in the ancient scriptures of astrology, there is no proof that Saturn sade sati or Kaal Sarp is necessarily bad. So it is better not to be afraid of meaningless things.

There is no need to fear Saturns sade sati dhaiya or Saturn’s wrath because it does not happen. Yes, the influence of Saturn is definitely on our body but it is important to know how long and how it stays. If you still feel that Saturn is raging on me then know the surest measures and conditions from the best astrologer in Delhi

Saturn signs of being unlucky

Due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn the house or part of the house falls or suffers damage otherwise the house is sold due to debt or fighting. The hairs of the limbs rapidly fall Nails become weak. There may be a sudden fire in the house. Money property is destroyed in any way. Premature teeth and eye weakness occur.

Remedy for Shani. Follow these remedies from the famous astrologer in Delhi.

Read Hanuman Chalisa every day.
If you drink alcohol then quit drinking.
Treat the blind the handicapped the servants and the cleaners properly and if possible.
Donate them with something that is meaningful for them.
Keep the teeth clean.
Do not play juvenile speculation, do not trade interest.
Avoid false testimony.
Be faithful to the husband or wife.
Stay away from atheist and atheist thoughts.
Always go to the temple with your head covered.
Offer alcohol to Bhairav Baba.

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By the way, as per the best astrologer in south Delhi, there is no such flaw as Kaal Sarp Dosh according to scripture. This is just an illusion spread over a few years. There is no need to be afraid of it in any way. Even then if you feel that this happens then we are telling such infeasible measures that you should get rid of them by doing them.

Kaal Sarp Dosh is said to be due to Rahu and Ketu. Some astrologers believe that it is of twelve types. But there is no scriptural proof of this. Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and especially this is the effect of our earth south and the north pole on the earth. It is important to understand the science behind this.

Sign of inauspicious such a person is more in the imagination if Rahu is inauspicious. Such a person can be dishonest or deceitful. Rahu will be spoiled that is there will be brain defects enemies will be born head injury may occur. A person may indulge in alcohol or sexual intercourse. Such a person is not a condition of progress.


Be respectful to your elders and ancestors.
Ask any expert before placing a peak on the head.
Meditate to Saraswati Mata
Have good relations with in-laws.
Burn Kapur in the morning and evening in the house.
Stop living in the imagination. be realistic.
Cleanse the motion. Do a workout
Wash barley or cereal in milk and pour it into running water
Flow the coal into the running water
Offer alcohol to Bhairav Maharaja.

A sign of Ketu inauspicious .Urination joint pain obstruction of childbirth and wheezing. Flash in the night. Manda Ketu can cause foot ear spine knee penis kidney and joint diseases. Also the incidence increases accidents.

Remedy of Ketu

Get the ears sprayed.
Give your dog food every day.
Indulge in Satsang Dandavat and properly not half-heartedly.
Donate black-white mixed color blanket.
Worship Lord Ganesha.

Now if you feel that you are from Pitradosh then there is no need to be afraid of that at all. Here is a list of all possible solutions for Pitradosh from the best Vedic astrologer in Delhi

A sign of inauspicious

It is believed that if someone has Pitridosh the progress is at a standstill. marriage does not happen on time. There are many obstacles to work. Home discord increases. Life becomes a struggle instead of a celebration. Despite the money, there is no peace. Education is interrupted behavioral issues and illness continues in the family there is no child lack of self-confidence etc Many reasons or symptoms are told. Pitridosh means that any defects or diseases that have been in your father or ancestors can also happen to you.

The native whose Mars is situated in thethe lagna in the lagna fourth seventh eighth and in the tenth house it is called Manglik. But we mentioned above how Mars is bad. It is necessary to understand this only then can it be diagnosed.


According to the Astrology books there are twelve types of Kaal Sarp Dosha similarly there are nine types of Pitra Dosha. Actually our life is given by our forefathers. The blood of our ancestors flows in our veins. We should pay its debt. Its debt is repaid after the birth of son and daughter. If we gave a grandson to our father and a granddaughter to our mother then half of the paternal defect ended there.

Secondly apart from our parents and ancestors we have loans of self past life sisters loan brothers loan wifes loan daughters loan etc. All of the above can be remedied. The first thing is to be polite and respectful to all.

Everyday Hanuman Chalisa should be read.
Shraddha should be performed with great reverence in Shraddha Paksha.
Dogs and cows should be fed bread.
Water should be offered in Peepal or Banyan trees.
Should keep applying saffron tilak.
Collect an equal amount of coins from all the people of the family and donate it to the temple.
Every morning and in the evening, Kapoor should be burnt in the house.
No house should remain in the south-facing house.
Chanting the mantra of Lord Vishnu, reciting Srimad Bhagavad Gita leads to Pitridosh.
Ekadashi fasting should be done with rigor.

Now if you think that you are mangled or you have mangal Dosh then important information

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Manglik symptoms: mars is related to blood. If blood is bad then mars is bad. mars is also our brother. The trouble with brother if mars is bad. mars is also our nature. If there is anger selfishness irritability doubt-doubt criminal tendency in nature then Mars is bad. Due to the deterioration of Mars red-colored boils appear on the body. Property is sold at home. The fight with my brother continues. The person tries to keep the wife or husband under pressure. Love towards the family ends. Such a person will surely be ruined.

If too inauspicious the possibility of not having an elder brother is considered strong. If there is a brother there is enmity with them. There are obstacles to producing children. He dies as soon as he is born. Visibility may stop with one eye. Body joints do not work. There is a lack of blood or issues with bones in the body.


Read Hanuman Chalisa every day. Visit Hanuman temple daily.
In the event of a bad condition white antimony should be applied in the eyes.
Must drink milk.
Good relations with brothers and friends should be maintained.
Do not be angry.
Apply sandalwood tilak on the forehead.
Do not eat meat, fish, mutton, chicken, etc.
Keep the stomach clean, do yoga asana.
Keep your character perfect.
Stay away from bad company.
Have a positive affection for every member of the family in every situation.