Online Astrologer In Mumbai Upratna Gems Sun

Online astrologer in Mumbai Upratna gems sun

Astrology has intrigued humanity for centuries, offering insights into our lives through celestial bodies and gemstones. When it comes to gemstones, two terms often come up: "ratna" and "upratna." In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of these precious stones, exploring their differences and significance. Guiding us through this exploration is an online astrologer in Mumbai, whose expertise provides valuable insights into the realm of astrology and gemstones.

What is the Difference Between Ratna and Upratna?

Ratna: The Gemstones of Power and Influence

Ratna, also known as "ratan," are the primary gemstones that hold immense astrological significance. These gemstones are associated with the nine planets in Vedic astrology, each ruling specific aspects of our lives. The alignment of these planets at the time of our birth influences our fate and characteristics. Therefore, wearing a suitable ratna can enhance the positive effects of these celestial bodies on our lives.

Upratna: Harnessing the Energy of Substitute Gemstones

Upratnas, on the other hand, are substitute gemstones that stand in for the primary ratnas. These secondary gemstones are connected to specific planetary energies and can be used when wearing the corresponding ratna is not feasible. Upratnas offer a practical solution to mitigate the challenges posed by unfavorable planetary positions in one's birth chart.

Exploring the Differences: Ratna vs. Upratna

Origin and Identity


Ratnas are directly associated with the nine planets and are considered as their representatives on Earth. Each ratna is linked to a particular planet and holds unique astrological attributes. For instance, the fiery ruby represents the Sun, signifying power and vitality.


Upratnas are closely related to their corresponding ratnas but are distinct gemstones in their own right. These gemstones possess energies that align with specific planets. For example, red spinel, an upratna for ruby, shares some qualities with the ruby but has its own distinct properties.

Astrological Significance


Ratnas are powerful tools to balance planetary energies and promote positive influences in one's life. Wearing the appropriate ratna can enhance strengths, improve relationships, and bring prosperity. For instance, wearing a yellow sapphire for Jupiter can foster wisdom and financial growth.


Upratnas provide a similar yet milder effect compared to their corresponding ratnas. These gemstones are recommended when wearing the primary ratna might not be feasible due to budget constraints or other considerations. Upratnas offer a practical alternative to align with specific planetary energies.

Rarity and Value


Ratnas are considered more valuable due to their direct association with the planets and their potent effects. These gemstones are rarer and often come with a higher price tag. The rarity and purity of a ratna contribute significantly to its astrological efficacy.


Upratnas are relatively more accessible in terms of availability and cost. While they might not hold the same level of rarity as ratnas, they still possess considerable astrological value. Upratnas provide an excellent middle ground for individuals seeking planetary alignment without the premium price.

Insights from Online Astrologer In Mumbai

We had the privilege of consulting with an esteemed online astrologer in Mumbai, who shared valuable insights on the differences between ratnas and upratnas. According to the astrologer, "Ratnas hold the primary cosmic energies of the planets, making them highly influential in shaping our lives. Upratnas, while not as potent, can still offer significant benefits and are often recommended as alternatives."


In the realm of astrology and gemstones, ratnas and upratnas play distinct yet interconnected roles. Ratnas harness the potent energies of the planets, while upratnas provide practical alternatives for aligning with specific planetary influences. Through the insights of an online astrologer in Mumbai, we've gained a deeper understanding of these gemstones' significance. Remember, whether you choose a ratna or an upratna, consulting an astrologer ensures you make an informed and harmonious choice for a positive and prosperous life.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can I wear an upratna without consulting an astrologer?

Yes, you can wear an upratna without consulting an astrologer. However, it's advisable to seek guidance from an experienced astrologer to ensure that the chosen upratna aligns with your birth chart and goals.

Q: Can upratnas completely replace ratnas?

No, upratnas cannot completely replace ratnas. Ratnas hold distinct and potent planetary energies that upratnas cannot replicate. Upratnas serve as substitutes when wearing a ratna is not feasible.

Q: How do I know which ratna or upratna is suitable for me?

Consulting an astrologer is the best way to determine the most suitable ratna or upratna for you. An astrologer will analyze your birth chart and recommend gemstones based on your planetary positions and life goals.

Q: Can I wear multiple ratnas or upratnas simultaneously?

Wearing multiple ratnas or upratnas simultaneously is not recommended unless advised by an astrologer. Gemstones carry energies, and wearing too many can lead to conflicting vibrations.

Q: How often should I cleanse my gemstones?

It's advisable to cleanse your gemstones periodically to remove any negative energies they might have absorbed. You can do this by placing them in saltwater, moonlight, or sunlight for a few hours.

Q: Can upratnas have side effects?

Upratnas are generally considered safe and have milder effects compared to ratnas. However, wearing an upratna that doesn't align with your birth chart could potentially have minimal adverse effects.

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