Online Astrologer In Mumbai Upratna Gems Sun

Online astrologer in Mumbai Upratna gems sun

nline astrologer in mumbai-Know how the Upratna gems of the sun also show amazing

Consider the Sun, the most important planet of the solar system and the king of the nine planets, in whose horoscope is strong, he does not need anything again. Strong Sun not only bestows honor, status, prestige, happiness, opulence, good health but also brings success in every work of life.


Online astrologer in mumbai on Red Garnet

Today we talk about the sub-gems of Ruby, the gem of the Sun. Although there are many gems of ruby, but the main among them are red garnet, ie tamra, red termeline, spinel, red swarovski.

Let’s know about these gems…

Red Garnet- Garnet is the most popular and most effective gemstone among all the gems of ruby. Those who cannot wear ruby, wear only garnet. It is dark red in color like blood, but nowadays many colors have been used in it too. Garnet is also available in the market in green, blue, white colors. It can be made into a silver ring or worn as a bracelet, pendant, etc.
Termaline – Termaline is the second most preferred gemstone among the ruby. It is also red in color like garnet, but its color is slightly lighter than garnet. It is worn as a silver, gold or ashtadhatu ring, pendant or bracelet. Wearing this gemstone increases confidence. Obstacles coming in work are eliminated and energy is transmitted in the person.
Spinel – This is also a gem of ruby. It is found in shades of pink, red, orange, blue, black and brown, but is most commonly worn in shades of ruby and sapphire. There is no answer to this gem in increasing internal energy, increasing concentration. By wearing it, the attraction effect of a person increases and he gets progress easily.
Red Swarovski – It looks exactly like Garnet, but its luster is more than Garnet, hence this gemstone is mostly used in making stylish jewelry. Its beautiful jewelry is made by mixing it with diamond. It is worn as a substitute for ruby. Magnetic personality is formed in the person wearing it. It is also worn to get love, beauty.
The special thing is that all these gems of ruby can be worn in silver.