Astrologer In Shalimar Bagh Remedy

astrologer in shalimar bagh remedy

Do this remedy if Rahu is inauspicious by astrologer in shalimar bagh:
In Indian astrology, Rahu has been given the same importance as other planets, Parashar has called Rahu a planet with darkness, according to him, blue-colored Rahu forestry like smoke, is fierce and intelligent, Neelkanth has Rahu in the form of Saturn. as defined.
If you are suffering from Rahu, you are running in the dasha-antaradasha of Rahu or Rahu is situated in 6th, 8th or 12th house or or aspected by malefic planets, in any way Rahu is weak, then for the peace of Rahu, Durga Saptashati and Hanuman Chalisa should be recited.
Rahu gives sudden wealth or calamity
Rahu gives sudden wealth or calamity. Rahu also gives electrical touch, contagious diseases and imprisonment. The evil disorients in vain and increases high fever. If Rahu is in a malefic position in the horoscope then-
Rahukrit doshas and arishta are destroyed by shedding coconut in the river.
Washing barley and throwing it in running water or river also removes Rahukul Dosha.
If Rahu is afflicted, then pouring 250 grams of coal in flowing water between 9 am to 10:30 am on Saturday, Rahu calms down and gives auspicious results.
By donating radish, mustard, coal or black object to the scavenger, the troubles caused by Rahu can be removed.
Putting black money in charity work gives peace
If Rahu is in the eighth house or in Scorpio, then putting a false coin in the river or putting black money in charity work gives peace.
If you are ill due to Rahu, donating barley equal to your weight to a Jamadar is beneficial.
Keep a few grains of barley at the bedside at night, then feeding the birds in the morning is beneficial.
If there is a case in the court, there is a possibility of punishment, if there is a loss, then throw coal equal to its own weight in the water.
If there is Rahu in the fifth house, then there is a hindrance in the happiness of children and wife. For this, get married again and make a silver swastika at the entrance of the ancestral house.
If Rahu is in the 12th house, unnecessary stigma and financial difficulties remain, for this, sit in the kitchen and eat food.
When Rahu is afflicted, throw coconut in the sea as per astrologer in shalimar bagh:-
If Rahu is afflicted, shed coconut in the sea, take bath with Sharpunkha’s vegetation, keep a solid silver tablet with you and wear an elephant tooth around your neck.
If business is facing problems due to Rahu, then press black surma on the ground on Saturday.
Applying oil or milk-curd tilak on the forehead gives good results.
If you are going through a financial crisis, then drop milk in the well and do not drink milk at night.
If Rahu-Ketu is in the tenth house, then mix fennel, honey, Khand and do Havan with the mantra of Mars. Fill an iron flute with sugar and press it outside in the woods.
If you are more afflicted by Rahu then sitting on a stone and bathing with milk will be auspicious. Do not put the sole of the foot on the raw ground while taking a bath.