Top Ten Astrologers In Delhi

Top Ten Astrologers in Delhi

Astrology has been in existence for centuries as an ancient and timeless science. It is believed that the position of the planets and stars at the time of a person's birth can have an impact on their life and destiny. Many people turn to astrology to gain insight into their future or to better understand themselves and those around them. In Delhi, there are many astrologers who are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the field.

Some of the factors that people may consider when choosing from the Top ten astrologers in Delhi include their experience, reputation, accuracy of predictions, affordability, and availability. While some people swear by astrology and find it to be a useful tool for self-discovery and decision-making, others are skeptical of its claims and view it as pseudoscience.

Getting to know the Astrologers in Delhi  will undoubtedly be fascinating to you if you want to study astrology , like many other people, you are interested in knowing what your future contains. Astrologers are those who examine several aspects of a person's life & predict their future. You've come to the right place if you're looking for the Best Astrologer in Delhi Online opinions on various life matters, such as family, business, health, career, love life, etc. At vedic astrologer kapoor, we provide to you the verified Top ten astrologers in Delhi who provide trustworthy advice to people. These astrologers use a variety of astrological techniques to assist people in overcoming anomalies & taking charge of their future. Our vedic astrologer kapoor professionals provide unmatched services, with an overall rating of five stars across user reviews.

You can make an appointment with any of the legitimate, Genuine Astrologers in Delhi who are listed at vedic astrologer kapoor if you want to know when it's the appropriate time to start a new business or something as simple as planning your day. To find the best fit, you can restrict your search results here based on your location, spending limit, service provider reviews, etc.

List of Top Ten Astrologers in Delhi

[1] Prateek Kapoor [ ]

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[2] Rishabh Khanduri [ ]

Namaskaram I'm a Delhi-based Vedic astrologer. My grandfather taught me about the rituals, laws, & fundamentals of astrology. I started practicing astrology professionally three years ago because it is also our family's vocation. I received my B.A. in Vaastu & Jyotish from Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University in Delhi. Thank you very much for allowing me to spend some of your most priceless time; it will be my joy to be a member of your family. Usually available from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m.

[3] Raakesh Desai [ ]

Numerology: For the past five years, I have been employed as a numerologist. Everyone works as hard as they can, but only hard effort is important. Luck & Smart work gives success. That Luck is acquired by using a lucky name, a lucky signature, & a lucky date when performing work. I am giving guidance into Name correction, Signature correction, Career guidance, Love & Marriage guidance, Mobile number numerology, Lucky bank account number & other related factors in numerology. My slogan is "get positive mindset, get results" & I have contacted both famous people & experienced professionals to do just that. Using numerology to assist you achieve your life objectives can be quite helpful. "My purpose in this profound existence is to use the elegance of science & numerology to assist people in finding solutions to the challenging issues they face every day.

2- Spiritual Healing: I frequently recite mantras to deepen my spirituality. In hospitals, where Mantra science is most effective, I use that positive power to heal patients quickly.

3. Paranormal/ Vastu Dowsing- I am also into Pendulum Dowsing in which I check Vastu energy & existence of paranormal energy in a home that affects owner of the home. I suggest remedies for the same to get rid of such energies. I have consulted with people from different walks of life for a number of moons, including business people, engineers, doctors, & successful performers. These individuals come to me in an effort to change their circumstances, & I assist them by offering advice on how to modify some of the subtle aspects of their personalities. Sometimes, in order to pursue a more fulfilling & satisfying vocation in life, people may need to change their names, signatures, lucky numbers, & even their birthdate. I have assisted numerous people in achieving countless successes in their wealth, health, careers, & resolving some of the most persistent problems in their day-to-day lives.

[4] Manish Chaubey [ ]

Astrology and Human. The relationship is going on since ancient times, we can find solution of problems in our life through astrology in a very simple way! The credit goes to my father who himself is an astrologer. I myself was an astrologer, was taught by my father, and today I am working in the field of astrology. I also got the opportunity to learn astrology in my school, I was taught planets, constellations, zodiac etc. there too. Dada was also an astrologer himself. Apart from this, you can also contact me regarding marriage counselling, career and business, love & relationship, money and property, career issues and many more. The remedies given by me are very easy and effective and prove to be accurate most of the time. Moreover, my clients are always satisfied with my solutions and solutions. I deal with all my clients on a personal level and try to build relationships with them. can get.

[5] Pandit Brijraj Gautam [  ]

[6] Sujoy G [ ]

Being a "Vedic Astrologer" with "11+ YEARS" of experience in providing accurate astrological forecasts to my respected clientele, I am Sujoy G. from Vrindsvan, UP, India, and I currently reside in Vrindavan. Through my reputable Acharya, I have diligently studied "Brihat Prashar Hora Shastra" and numerous other textbooks. Both of my clients are from "outside of India." In addition to other things, I am skilled in accurately predicting things like "Love & Arrange Marriage, Career in Job or Business, Child Birth, Financial Stability & Independence, Higher Education & Scholarships, Health," and many others. I have completed the advanced course in both medical and predictive astrology. Vedic astrology is a rich and intricate discipline that describes a person's actual life path through the use of "9 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses, and 27 nakshatras." Vedic astrology is currently making rapid progress in the 21st century in terms of educating the human race on the fact that it is the only genuine Shastra or Scripture that can direct them in their journey in the present life through precise predictions of the events that may occur in the future in their lives, whether good or bad. In my college years, I pondered which field of study possessed the solutions to the trickiest questions, such as what "the laws of karma" are, how they affect people, and whether they are modifiable at all. The most ancient and true scripture, the "Rig Veda," gave rise to the ideal Shastra known as Vedic Astrology. The human species benefits from Vedic Astrology by receiving adequate mental fortitude to handle challenging circumstances with ease. Vedic astrology is heavily reliant on "intuition," which God grants to astrologers he deems deserving.

[7] Ahana Gir [ ]

I've been a very versatile astrologer for the last 7 years. Tarot, numerology, Vedic astrology, and face reading are my interests. I have psychic abilities and all the information, which is a gift from God. I have a background in psychological studies and specialize in relationship, marriage, and sex counselling for couples, as well as stress management, emotional intelligence, anger management, and mediation. I make sure individuals face reality and don't instil hopelessness. I've mastered the sexual tarot, which aids in self-discovery for couples. In order to achieve exquisite bliss in their life, I am dedicated to assisting individuals in bettering every part of their lives, including love, relationships, careers, and wealth. My lifelong love and most significant source of spirituality is astrology. Over 6900 people from all over the world have become my clientele. People who take my counsel seriously make better decisions and have better futures

[8] Ranjeet Jha [ ]

I am a Astrologer and Vaastu consultant and do all kinds of horoscope analysis, planet disease, house, trouble, horoscope matching, love affair, business income, education, analysis of all types of horoscopes, the person has always been helpful in building the future. We consider this karma to be the highest. Our remedies concentrate more towards karma and self realization. Have a long experience of more that 10+ yrs.

[9] Jayakumar Sastri [ ]

"Prasna Kundali (Chart)"(at the time of queries) and "Basic Birth Chart(asper Birth Details)" with relevant datas(Tables) for Individuals (or) family members will be prepared. For these preparations, require minimum two(2) hours time for providing appropriate valuable Predictions and suggestions after making the payment will be provided [ Information of Birth Details(Date of BIrth/Time of Birth/Place of Birth) can be furnished on "Chat" well in advance ]. After casting the Birth Chart along with required datas(Tables) and, with our expertise, they will be thoroghly analyzed carefully by "intuition" to identify the strength of planets and their transit effects in houses/Bhavas in the Birth Charts of Individuals (or) families and, taking into account the special indications in Divisional Charts(DASA-VARGAS OF BASIC CHART) for Education, Career/Employment, Marriage, Health, Children, FinancIal Status of individuals and family prosperity under three broad concepts, I) Wealth, II) Welfare and III) Longivity(Husband and Wife status of marrying couples) which are essential for improving the post-Marriage status of marrying couples In addition, together with predictions by "intuition values", suitable remedial measures for planets those give inauspicious results will be suggested for taking away negative effects.This will be done as prescribed in "Manthra Sasthra". This knowledge is Inherited from Vedas and manthra sasthras, being hailing from a highly religious-minded family of Hindu-Tradition, as ancestors were scholars in Vedas and Sasthras; They are from "Talaignayiru Village(near VEDHARANYAM)" in (Old)Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu State(Now - Nagapattinam District). "Special Deva-Prasnam" will be undertaken upon request at your place for specific family problems. Awarded Certificates from "Saivaneri Kazhagam", Trichy for "Shiva-Aaradhana" and "Purusha-Sooktha Dasamsa Yagnam(Haven)" by Thirumaadakovil, Nangainallur, Chennai. Small write-ups useful for Marriage Processing and Marriage Settlement on titles, a) Better-way of Matching Horoscopes for Matrimony, 2) Delayed Marriages - A different view and, 3) Basic Methodology and Principles for Matching Birth Charts Myself "Life Member" in "Sri Maha Rudra Japa Samithy(SMART Group)", Chennai participating in their programmes. Further, as devotee of Pujyasri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamiji(Mysore), participating in the religious-programs at "Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashram, Velachery for the past twenty years. Ghandarva-Raja Manthram for Marriage Settlement:++ Om Hraam Ghandarva-Raja Visvavaso Mahyam Kalathra-Bhagya Siddhim Praseedha Praseedha!! --- The Bride (or) Bridegroom shall Chant this twelve times daily till marriage settlement. On this Chitra-Pournami day worshipping Goddess "Swayamvara Parvathi" or "Kathyayani" is good. Our object is : Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu !!

[10] Vaidh shastri []

Vedic astrologer and an extremely helpful person.


Delhi is home to many renowned astrologers who have a large following and are known for their accurate predictions and personalized horoscopes. Whether you are looking to gain insight into your future or better understand yourself and those around you, these top ten astrologers in Delhi are a great place to start.

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