Astrology Consultant In Delhi On Horoscope

Astrology consultant in Delhi on Horoscope

Which are the planets, which give success in singing. Know from the Astrology consultant in Delhi

Today, new talents are getting a chance to show their talent in the field of singing. If we know in advance that how much success we will get in the field of singing, then it will be easy to grow in this field. Let us know which are such planets, which make them successful in the field of singing. Which places are important in our birth chart, so that we can become good singers.

The Astrology consultant in Delhi says that in the birth chart of any person, the Ascendant is of self, the second house of speech, and the third house of voice. Also, Venus has a big contribution in the field of singing. Guru for success in classical singing, Venus for classical songs, Moon being inauspicious house paves the way for success.

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Success in singing continued,

The second house is called the second house from the Ascendant. This is the sense of speech, while the third house is of voice. Unless both the expressions are faultless, the voice and tone do not turn out to be sweet. Ascendant represents itself. Lagna Bhava should also be fault-free.

If your birth ascendant is Taurus or Libra, then the ascendant will be Venus and with it, Mercury will be the lord of the second house in Taurus ascendant and Moon will be the lord of the third house. Therefore, Mercury and Moon should also be away from the effects of inauspicious planets.

If the position of Venus is also in Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, or if the Ascendant is in Scorpio, then success is assured.

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If Venus is in the fourth house, it gives good success. Like Vani Jayaram, Sulakshana Pandit came into the field of singing but she could not get success like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy.

The Astrology consultant in Delhi says that the Libra Ascendant is also Venus-dominated Ascendant and the second house Mars is the lord of Scorpio and the third house lord is Guru and there is the friendship between them. If the lord of these houses belongs to the self or a friend or sees these houses and has a relationship with the lord of the fourth house, then success is also good.

Mars, Venus, and Mercury should be inauspicious positions in Aries ascendant. Mercury, Moon, and Sun should be auspicious in Gemini ascendant. Moon, Sun and Mercury in Cancer ascendant, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo ascendant, Mars, Guru, and Saturn in Scorpio ascendant,

Success in singing continued,

Guru and Saturn in Sagittarius ascendant, Saturn, and Guru in Capricorn ascendant, Saturn, Guru, and Mars should be auspicious in Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter, Mars and Venus should be auspicious in Pisces ascendant, then only good success is achieved.

And if there is a difference in the Mahadasha of any one of these, then there are four moons in success. Get the best Astrology consultant in Delhi for consultation.

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