Astrology In Green Park | Akasmik Dhan Praapti

Astrology in green park  Akasmik dhan praapti

Astrology in green park- Akasmik dhan praapti ke yog means the money received from prizes, gifts, bequests, race lottery, land-garbage money, scholarship, etc. is indicated. Whereas the eighth house shows secret land, will, unthinking or unimagined wealth. Wealth property is in destiny, then the only man can get it. 

Only lucky people get sudden wealth without any hard work, so the ninth house triangle has special significance in

the horoscope. In this way, for getting sudden wealth-property in the horoscope, it is possible on the basis of

second wealth, eleventh benefic house, fifth destiny, and Laxmi Bhava, eighth secret wealth and ninth fortune

house and its lord and the strength of the planets located in these houses. 

Akasmik dhan praapti – 2

Now astrology in Green park tells you the following yoga, according to which the sum of a

sudden money is possible:-

1. Dhanesh in the eighth house The eighth lord brings sudden wealth to the wealthy house. 
2. Lagna gives sudden wealth in the house of wealth and Dhanesh also in the ascendant house. 
3. If the lord of the second house is in the Ascendant and the Ascendant is in the second house,

it also gives sudden monetary gains. 
4. The conjunction of Moon + Mars in benefic house and position of Mercury in the house also

results in sudden monetary gains. 
5. If Venus and Moon + Mars are together in any house of the horoscope in the eighth house,

then there is sudden monetary gain. 
6. If the lucky Jupiter is in the eighth house by becoming the ninth lord, then the person suddenly becomes rich
7. If the lord of the 2nd and 5th house has conjunction or a vision relationship or a change of position,

then a lottery is held. 
8. If any relation of money house, fifth house, eleventh house, the ninth house is hit in the

horoscope then one gets money suddenly. 
9. If Rahu Ketu is in the fifth, eleventh, or the ninth house then the lottery opens, because

Rahu gives unimaginable wealth. 

Akasmik dhan praapti – continued.

10. The change yoga of the eighth-eighth, eighth-ninth, eleventh-twelfth place gives sudden wealth. This happens in their dasha antardasha. 
11. Dhanesh situated in the eighth house makes the person suppressed in life, secret wealth, gets money from the will. 
12. Ancestral property is obtained from the relation of Lagnesh Dhanesh. 
13. Wealth is received from the mother in relation to the lord of the ascendant
14. Ascendant being a benefic planet, if it is situated in the house of wealth,

then it gives wealth to the native. 
15. Labhesh situated in the eighth house means the eleventh house brings sudden wealth. 
16. If the Jupiter of Cancer or Sagittarius is situated in the ninth house, and if the Mars of Capricorn is in

the tenth house of the Moon in the horoscope, then it brings sudden wealth. 
17. If Moon-Mars is in the fifth house and Venus has a vision on the fifth house, then the person suddenly gets wealth. 
18. If the Moon-Guru conjunction is in Cancer in any of the second, fourth, fifth, ninth, or eleventh house, then the person gets wealth suddenly. Auspicious planets in the third, fifth, tenth, and eleventh house from the Moon create Dhan Yoga.