Good Astrologer In South Delhi Advice For Aries

Good astrologer in south Delhi advice for Aries

According to Lal Kitab and good astrologer in south DelhiAries is considered the first house. The pucca house of Aries is considered the third and eighth. Mars is good and Mars is bad, that is, good and bad. According to the horoscope, there are many conditions for Mars to be bad or good. If you are a native of Aries, then it is advisable for you here according to the Lal Kitab.
Alphabets: A, Chu, Che, Cho, La, Lee, Lu, Le, Lo.
Horoscope: Leadership, intelligence, might, and strength.
Aries is located in the head. Its causative planets Mars, Sun, and Guru are considered. The fiery element is Mars, the lord of the predominant Aries, and this zodiac is owned on the east side. The part is variable and the ascendant sign of Aries ascendant is Aquarius and the obstructing planet Saturn. But according to Lal Kitab, enemies and friendly planets are decided according to the horoscope.
Mars Bad: Bad means bad or inauspicious. Mars is inauspicious – by eating meat, quarreling with brothers, and anger. Secondly, if there is Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of the horoscope then according to other astrology, Mangalik Dosh is considered, but here Mars is considered to be related to blood. If the blood or nature is bad then Mars should be considered as a sign of bad.
If the Mars of Aries zodiac is bad, then diseases related to Mars start with stomach problems, cholera, bile, fistula, boil, canker, and stomach-related problems. In mental diseases, extreme anger, mutilation, irritability, tension, sleepiness, etc. [good astrologer in south Delhi ]
Caution and Remedy: If you take something for free from someone, then it will continue. Do not quarrel with brother and father. Distribute snacks to your children on their birthday. Feed the guests sweets. Help widows selflessly. Always respect your elders and keep taking blessings from them. Sleep on a pink or red sheet occasionally. Keep the bowel and teeth clean.
Do devotion to Hanumanji. In the event of poor Mars, white-colored antimony should be put in the eyes. Jaggery should be eaten. Good relations with brothers and friends should be maintained. Do not get angry.
Know how Aries people are, what are their strengths and weaknesses [ good astrologer in south Delhi ]
The month of birth for the people of Aries is considered to be from March 21 to April 19. Their ruling planet is Mars. In astrology, three zodiac signs are considered to be the signs of the fire element. These zodiac signs are – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
There is a lot of energy and fire inside these zodiac signs. This is the reason why Aries is a sign of courage, leadership, and anger. If you or someone close to you is Aries, then you can know here how is the nature of people with these zodiac signs is.
How are Aries people
According to astrology, every person is born in a fixed time, month and year. Every month and day has a different specialty or nature. On the basis of this, the qualities, hobbies, good and bad of that person and his nature are decided. Let’s know about the people of Aries zodiac –
Aries sign people get pleasure from hearing their praises. When people take time out for them, they reach the seventh heaven.
These people are very sensitive. Understand the feelings of others, but shy away from expressing their feelings. These people prove to be very good mentors but are unable to explain themselves.
The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, so the spirit of leadership is more in them than the people of other zodiac signs. Cancer, Libra, and Sagittarius are friendly signs for them while Gemini, Leo, and Virgo are enemy signs.
The intuition of Aries, the sign of the element of fire, is very fast and due to this, their mind runs. There is great confidence in them. It is very difficult to fool or cheat them. The person in front can be a fool himself but he is not. There is always something going on in their mind. These people are mostly known for their positive thinking.
As a partner, Aries people are independent. These people are very enthusiastic about the matter of love. Also, you try to dominate your partner. They do not like the interference of any person in their freedom, even if it is their lover.
People of this zodiac love adventure, but at the same time, peace and peace are also important for them. The biggest feature of his personality is his loving and giving nature. They are afraid of instability and separation from their loved ones in a relationship. They are too afraid to live a boring life.
They have a very stubborn nature, they take a breath only after fulfilling what they decide to do. They are adept at getting others to believe their point. People believe in them even with their eyes closed.
Aries people are very attractive. His amazing personality makes him stand out in the crowd. People are fascinated by his looks and style.
People of this zodiac are very energetic and passionate. Their energy is their strength. Due to Mars being the planet of Aries, his auspicious day is considered Tuesday.
Talking about the strength of Aries, both their energy and their enthusiasm helps them to achieve success. On the other hand, these people think only about themselves, which is their biggest weakness and people also hate them for this.
These people want the result of everything they do to be top-notch. That’s why his lucky number is 1 i.e. first. If you are going for some auspicious work then give priority to number 1. These are also your lucky numbers – 9, 36, 13, 69, 53, 67
The planet of this zodiac is Mars, so the red color always proves to be lucky for you. Red color creates a wonderful power in us. In other words, this color is a symbol of energy. Apart from this, white, lemon green, or sea green colors will also be fine for you.
Talking about the perfect match, the combination of Aries and Sagittarius is considered to be perfect. Because many of their things, thinking, and nature are very similar to each other. Both have a straight, clear, outspoken, and outspoken approach and have a good understanding of social work. In their love life, there is more friendship than love. That’s why they never get bored with each other. With their antics, they keep adding fun and love to live.
Lucky Day – Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
Lucky Stone – Coral. [ good astrologer in south Delhi ]

Bollywood stars with Aries – Rani Mukerji, Ajay Devgan, Kangana Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi, Lara Dutta, Jaya Prada, Mandira Bedi, Akshaye Khanna, Jitendra.