Vedic Astrology Predictions Opal Gemstone

vedic astrology predictions Opal gemstone

Opal removes the tension between husband and wife by Vedic astrology predictions

Marital life can be called successful only when there is a mutual love between husband and wife. There should be a good rapport between the two and both understand each other’s feelings. But it is often seen that after some time of marriage, disputes start between husband and wife over small matters.
Starting from small things, these disputes sometimes take a big form and the situation comes till the dissolution of marriage. Let us know what astrological remedies can be done to make married life successful.
Opal gemstone enhances the effect of planet Venus as per Vedic astrology predictions
Venus is the planet of married life, love, beauty, attraction, and material comforts. Its representative gemstone is diamond. But diamond does not suit all people, so as an alternative to it, opal or zarkan is worn as an alternative. In these too,
Opal gemstone removes the ongoing tribulation between husband and wife, Opal gemstone is worn to enhance the effect of planet Venus. Opal is also known as Opal in Hindi. If there is a bad relationship between husband-wife and lover-girlfriend by wearing opal, then they get better soon. Love grows between the two.
Who should wear opal
According to astrology, Opal gemstone is worn to enhance the effect of planet Venus. The person whose birth chart has Libra and Taurus ascendant or whose birth sign is Libra or Taurus can wear Opal gemstone. Also, those who have Venus in their horoscope as Yogakaraka planet, they should definitely wear Opal.
In the horoscope of Cancer Ascendant and Capricorn Ascendant, Venus may be a Yogakaraka planet and not in the horoscope of other Ascendant. Therefore, Opal gemstones can be worn by the horoscope of this ascendant.
Benefits of wearing opal
In married life, if the situation of unprovoked tribulation, rift, or divorce starts coming in the husband and wife, then by wearing that opal stone, bitterness can be removed soon.
Wearing opal increases sexual power, as it is the karaka planet of Venus and Venus is the karaka of semen.
Increases beauty power. Due to its growth, attraction power develops in the person himself.
This stone also increases the mental level. If a person who is feeling depressed and tired wears opal, then positive energy starts flowing in him.
Wearing Opal develops spirituality and sattvik contemplation in a person.
Along with economic prosperity, prestige, popularity, it also provides physical fitness.
It calms the mind, increases concentration and creative thoughts, and also keeps away from bad dreams. Wearing opal gives victory in court cases.
It is especially beneficial for people involved in the business of travel, tourism, and import/export.
Opal gemstone revives love and romance in the personal lives of women and men.
People working in work related to Venus-like acting, TV, film, theater and people working in the computer, IT, etc.