Effects Of Navagrahas On Life

Effects of Navagrahas on Life

As per a famous astrologer in Delhi, the following are the effects of planets on our lives.

Sun The effect of the planet Sun is on the stomach eyes heart face and bones in the body. The inauspicious effects of the sun cause headaches fever and heart diseases. Its auspicious effect increases confidence. You get respect and fame. The influence of this planet also promotes jobs and businesses.

mars affect physical energy blood pressure enthusiasm in nature valor and temper property vehicle brother friend copper in metals and gold. If Mars has an auspicious effect then there are problems related to these matters. At the same time, you benefit from the auspicious effect.

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mercury Due to the auspicious effects of the mercury planet, there are benefits in education, mathematics, transactions, investment, and business. This results in beneficial schemes. In addition, mercury affects the skin and voice in the body. The auspicious effect of mercury makes a person smart. The ominous effect of mercury causes damage in these cases.

Guru In astrology the planet Jupiter is considered to be the causative planet of health obesity fat and knowledge. It has an influence on the teacher’s elder brother’s precious gems and religious places. This planet has an auspicious and inauspicious effect on jobs and business.

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Venus has its effect on income expenses physical comforts hobbies and enjoyment. Due to this planet there are auspicious and inauspicious changes in matters related to marriage wife opposite gender and sexual pleasure. Venus has an effect on the private parts of the body. Due to its inauspicious effect cough and sickness occurs in parts of the waist.

Shani Justice is given by the auspicious effects of Saturn. Job and business get progress. The loan ends. Disputes win and age increases. Along with these physical problems related to bone and legs also end. Sorrow is exacerbated by Saturn’s inauspicious effects. Enemies make trouble. Health is bad. Interruptions in functioning begin. Samana is stolen. Accidents occur and bone injuries occur. Legal matters also start to get entangled.

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The lucky effect of Rahu is associated with luck in job and business. Get the desired transfer. The plans are successful. Confusion goes away. Luck is supported in politics and important work. Its inauspicious effects lead to mental confusion. Humans resort to deception and lies. Becomes impious. Is a victim of diplomacy. He gets intoxicated and steals. Troubles abound.

With the auspicious effects of Ketu, plans are completed in jobs and businesses. man is inclined towards religion and spirituality. The planet has a strong lower half and any psychological or physical problem is removed. Controversies increase due to the inauspicious effects of Ketu. There is a constant fear. There are foot ear spinal knee joint pain and kidney diseases. Poisonous creatures and wild animals may cause harm.