Astrologers In Mehrauli Wealth Prosperity Peace

astrologers in mehrauli wealth prosperity peace

Remedies should be done respective to each zodiac by astrologers in mehrauli

Problems keep going on in the life of every person. Some less, some more, but astrology tells the way to get rid of these problems. Apart from Vedic astrology, ancient sages have found many such tricks or remedies, by doing which the problems of a person are overcome.
Today we know that according to the zodiac, what should be done to avoid troubles and to get wealth, prosperity, happiness and peace. These proven tricks not only remove the troubles but also protect them from future troubles.
But keep in mind that any trick you do, it is necessary to keep it secret. Never tell anyone else what measures you are taking to solve your problem.
Astrologers in mehrauli for Aries – Always keep a red handkerchief with you. Distribute guddhani to children after sunset. Keep a lot of water at the head at night and after getting up in the morning put it in a plant. Do not trade in sweet items. Left hand should have a Silver ring..
For Taurus – Wear Vajramani or Muktak’s ring, pendant. Never wear torn or too old clothes. Wear a silver ring or platinum ring. Donate mustard, linseed or sesame oil on Saturday. Do not buy new shoes and slippers in the month of January-February.
For Gemini – Donate asthma medicine to poor patients in a hospital.Fill milk in an earthen pot and bury it in the ground in a deserted place. Do not keep any animal or bird. – Brush your teeth daily with alum.
For Cancer – Drink milk in a silver vessel daily. Put a piece of copper in the bed on which you sleep. Put a drink in a public place. Marriage should happen after age of 27. Do not keep rabbits in the house.
For Leo – – Offer walnuts and coconuts in the temple every month on the full moon. Wear a copper coin in a khaki colored thread. Feed one roti daily to a cow without horns. Don’t take anything for free from anyone. Feed wheat and jaggery to red monkeys.
For Virgo – Wear black neckerchief while staying at home. Wear a silver ring. Always keep a green handkerchief with you. Throw an earthen pot with a lid in the river. Plant a Tulsi or money plant in the house.
For Libra – Take silver from mother-in-law and keep it with you. Donate curd, butter and potatoes. Feed the white cow with fresh bread daily. Donate tawa, tongs, chakla-ballan at any religious place. Always respect all women.
For Scorpio – Fill small earthen pots with vermilion and honey and install them in the worship place of the house. Use red color on the walls of the house. – Flow red colored roses in the river. Offer vermilion chola to Hanumanji on Tuesday. Offer offerings of Bundi laddus in the temple.
For Sagittarius – Do not let any beggar who comes home empty handed. Always keep a yellow handkerchief with you. Stay away from Pitambardhari saints. Donate ghee, potatoes, curd and camphor in religious places. Flow a copper coin in running water for 43 days.
For Capricorn – – Keep feeding jaggery, gram to the monkeys. Do not keep dark in any part of the house. Fill sugar in the flute and bury it in the ground in a secluded place. Do not buy items made of iron and leather on Saturdays. saffron or gold should always be with you.
For Aquarius – Wear a square piece of silver around the neck. Take bath with milk once in a month. Feed the cow by applying mustard oil on the roti. Do not keep any kind of fuel on the roof of the house. Do not make a window on the wall of the last part of the house.
Astrologers in mehrauli for Pisces – – Do tilak of saffron and turmeric daily. Put a red square mark on the vest you wear. – Feed the chickens daily. Keep gold jewelry wrapped in a yellow cloth. Don’t take a bath in front of anyone.