Jyotish Contact In Delhi Five Types Of Tithis

Jyotish contact in Delhi five types of tithis

There are five types of tithis, know which work has to be done in which one is auspicious by jyotish contact in delhi :-

Tithis form a major part of the time calculation in the Hindu calendar. The fasting festivals are decided according to the dates. Auspicious dates are seen before doing any auspicious work. What are these auspicious and inauspicious dates and what is the importance of which date, let us know.
Every Hindu month has 15 days of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Each Paksha has a number from Pratipada to the fifteenth date. From Pratipada to Poornima in Shukla Paksha and from Pratipada to Amavasya in Krishna Paksha. This way both sides have 15-15 days.
Now some of these dates are considered auspicious, while some are inauspicious. No auspicious work is done on inauspicious dates.
According to Hindu scriptures, Tithis are mainly divided into five parts. Poorna,Ritika,Jayaa,Bhadra and Nanda are the five Parts. Accordingly, the first date i.e. Pratipada will be Nanda, Dwitiya Bhadra, Tritiya Jaya, Chaturthi Rikta and Panchami Poorna. After this again, Shashti Nanda, Saptami Bhadra… in this way this sequence will continue.
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What work to do on which date by jyotish contact in delhi
Nanda Tithi: Pratipada, Shashthi and Ekadashi are called Nanda Tithi. Business and business can be started on these dates. Dates for Constructing a building.
Bhadra Tithi: Dwitiya, Saptami and Dwadashi are called Bhadra Tithi. On these dates, work like bringing paddy, grain, buying cows and buffaloes, vehicles should be done. In this the number of items purchased increases.

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Jaya Tithi: Tritiya, Ashtami and Trayodashi are called Jaya Tithis. On these dates, military, power collection, court cases, court cases, arms purchases, vehicles can be done.
Rikta Tithis: Chaturthi, Navami and Chaturdashi are called Rikta Tithis. The householders should not do any work on these dates. These dates are considered auspicious for tantra-mantra accomplishment.
Poorna Tithi: Panchami, Dashami and Poornima are called Poorna Tithi. Matchmaking, marriage, banquet etc. can be done on these dates.
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Zero date
Apart from the above five types of dates, some dates have been considered as zero dates. Marriage functions are not performed on these dates. Other work can be done. These dates are Chaitra Krishna Ashtami, Vaishakh Krishna Navami, Jyeshtha Krishna Chaturdashi, Jyeshtha Shukla Trayodashi, Ashadha Krishna Shashthi,
Shravan Krishna Dwitiya and Tritiya, Bhadrapada Krishna Pratipada and Dwitiya, Ashwin Krishna Dashami and Ekadashi, Kartik Krishna Panchami and Shukla Chaturdashi, Aghan Krishna Saptami and Ashtami, Paush Krishna Chaturthi and Panchami, Magha Krishna Panchami and Magha Shukla Tritiya.

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