Four Planets In One House Vedic Astrology

Four planets in one house vedic astrology

Four planets in one house vedic astrology:-Effect of the combination of four planets in your horoscope

The effect of planets on any zodiac depends on the combination of one planet and other planets in the house. The presence of more than two planets also has the same effect. Let us know what is the effect of the presence of four planets in a house on the person:-


These people are smart and efficient in their field of work. These are the qualities of a good writer. They are attracted towards worldly pleasures. These people are mostly unwell.


This person becomes an accomplished leader. They are rich and smart.


These people are powerful and skilled in their field of work. They are rich and famous. These people have a good sense of humor.

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Under this combination, the person is surrounded by some disease or the other. They have more problems related to eyes. They are patient and wealthy and goldsmith is the best job for them.


These people are famous and educated. They are rich and happy but not rich.


These people build ponds and rest houses. They are religious and charitable. They are ambitious and friendly in nature.


These people mostly indulge in bad deeds. Their focus is more on women. Weak in body.


These people become wealthy businessmen. These people who are deceitful by nature have to be humiliated many times.


These people have the qualities of becoming a leader and a poet. They lead a happy and blissful life. They get respect and respect in the society.


Conjunction of two planets

These people achieve immense success in business. They love family and are religious in nature. The entire time and energy of these people is devoted to their work.


Negative effects are more visible in these people. He thinks badly of others and dislikes his own family members. They also do not like cleanliness.


These people have more brothers and sisters and they live their life happily. They have the qualities of leaders, due to which they get a lot of respect. The life of these people who follow their ideals is full of happiness and prosperity.


The people born in this combination are arrogant and quarrelsome in nature. They are irritable and weak. He has the qualities to be a poet, editor, and a conqueror.


Despite having all the amenities, these people do not remain satisfied. These people are religious and talkative.


These people have knowledge of different forms of the field of art. They are helpful and are interested in social work. Their life is spent happily.


These people are lethargic, uncooperative, and quarrelsome. Their life is spent happily.

Results of Sukhesh


The wife of these natives is good. Their mind remains restless. But they have strong will and courage.


These people are more popular among women. They are kind, wealthy, and interested in social work. They are philanthropists who get respect from all.


These people are knowledgeable in the scriptures. They are courageous, wealthy, and brave. They have a sense of dedication and patience.


These people lack morality and guidance. They are talkative.


These people are rich, happy, and intelligent. They take care of their parents and are of religious nature.


These people are smart and get fame and respect in life. They love their brothers and sisters. He has the qualities to be a poet.


These people are self-dependent but their character is not good. They are hated by others because of their deceit.


They live in poverty and remain unhappy. Are prone to skin diseases.

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These people are intelligent and bright. Due to their dedication and honesty, these people get respect and respect. But they do not get the results according to their capacity.


These people get success in life. They are brave and famous. He may be interested in bodybuilding.

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These people are angry, courageous, and wealthy. They do not delay in taking decisions and have more interest in women.


These people are religious and obedient. They serve their parents throughout their life. They are honest and reliable.