Astrologers In Darya Ganj On Pitar

Astrologers in Darya Ganj on Pitar

Learn about the popular “Shraddha festival” from the Astrologers in Darya Ganj.

Joge and Bhoga had two brothers. Both lived separately. Joga was rich and he was poor. There was a lot of mutual love between the two. Joge’s wife was proud of wealth, but Bhoge’s wife had a very simple heart.

When Pitrupaksha came, Joga’s wife asked him to do the shraddha of the fathers, and Joga tried to avoid it as an act of waste, but his wife thought that if he does not, people will make things. He then took this appropriate opportunity to invite his maternal grandfather to the feast and show his pride.

So she said- ‘You are probably saying this because of my trouble, but I will not have any problem with this. I will call Bhoga’s wife. Both will do all the work together. He then sent Joge to invite her pooh.

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On the second day, Bhoga’s wife came early in the morning and started working. He prepared the kitchen. Made many dishes and then came to her house after completing all the work. After all, he too had to pay homage to the fathers. Neither Joga’s wife stopped her on this occasion, nor did she stop. It was soon afternoon. Pitar landed on the land. If the fathers of Joga-Bhoga first went to Joga, what do they see that their in-laws are busy eating there. Frustrated, he went to Bhoga. What was there? ‘Agiyari’ was given in the name of fathers only. The father licked his ashes and reached the banks of the river hungry.

In a while, all the ancestors gathered and began to extend their own Shraddhas. Joga-Bhoga’s fathers also narrated their experiences. Then they started thinking – if Bhoga was able, then he might not have to starve, but in Bhoga’s house, he did not even have food to eat on June 2 Thinking all this, he felt pity Suddenly they started dancing and singing – ‘Bhoge ke ghar ho dhan ho ho. Let the bhog’s house become riches. It was evening. The children of Bhoga did not get to eat anything. He told his mother – I’m hungry. Then the wife of the victim, avoiding them, said- ‘Go! Put the stove in the courtyard, open it, and go and eat whatever you get. ‘

When the children reach there, do they see that the Hadi is full of seals? They ran to the mother and told her all the things. When Bhoga’s wife saw all this in the courtyard, she too was shocked.

In this way, the enjoyer also became rich, but he did not become arrogant after getting the money. The father of the second year arrived. On the day of Shraddh, the woman of Bhoga prepared fifty-six types of dishes. Worshiped the Brahmins and performed Shraddha. Made food, gave Dakshina. Made Jeth-Jethani eat in gold-silver utensils. Due to this, the fathers were very happy and satisfied.

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