Know Which Disease Is Caused By The Planet Sun

Know which disease is caused by the planet Sun

Know which disease is caused by the planet Sun.Due to the Sun, thousands of flora, animals, and animals are born in the sea, then they are all Sun sons. Just as gold has the force of the sun, similarly silver has the moon.

Just as the position of the house is also weak when the head of the house is weak, similarly the other planets also do not give good results when the sun is weak in the horoscope. According to the Lal Kitab, the horoscope has explained in detail the defective or perishable condition of the Sun. Know a piece of brief information here from the best astrologer in south Delhi.

If the Sun is auspicious then a person with a radiant face and eyes can also be a great politician or a big official of governmental affairs. A person who is angry according to interest is judicious. Surya Navam and the tenth house are the best.

Sun disease:

* The person loses his conscience.
* The right side of the body including the brain is affected by the sun.
* The body becomes stiff when the Sun is inauspicious.
* Heart disease occurs, such as low and low heart rate.
* There is discomfort in the mouth and teeth.