Do You Know There Is Enmity And Friendship In Planets Too, Read Interesting Information

Do you know there is enmity and friendship in planets too, read interesting information

Man has few friends and enemies during his lifetime. People with similar qualities and ethics often have friendship, while people with opposite qualities and ethics lack friendship. Similarly, in astrology, there is mutual friendship and enmity of planets which is called natural friendship.

Apart from this, instantaneous friendship takes place on the basis of mutual positions of planets and ‘Panchadha-Maitri Chakra’ is formed on the basis of natural friendship and instantaneous friendship. According to the ‘Panchadha-Maitri Chakra’, the mutual hostility of the planets has a profound effect on the life of the native.

If a planet in the ‘Panchadha-Maitri Chakra’ is located in the zodiac of your friend in a birth journal or is situated with a friend or is visible by your friend, then it gives auspicious results to the native. On the contrary, if a planet is situated in the sign of its enemy in the birth chart or is equitable with the enemy or is in full view of the enemy, then it gives inauspicious results.

Let us know which are the natural enemies and friendly planets of the Navagrahas from the best astrologer in Delhi:

1. Sun:
Friend- Chandra, Mars, Mercury, Guru
Enemy- Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

2. Moon:
Friend- Sun, Mars, Guru
Enemy- Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

3. Mars:
Friend- Surya, Guru, Ketu
Enemy – Saturn, Rahu

4. Mercury:
Friend- Moon, Venus, Saturn
Enemy – Mars, Guru

5. Guru:
Friend- Sun, Mars
Enemy – no planets

6. Venus:
Friends- Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Enemy – Sun, Guru

7. Saturn:
Friends- Venus, Rahu, Ketu
Enemy – Sun, Ketu

8. Rahu:
Friend- Venus, Saturn
Enemy- Sun, Moon, Mars, Ketu

9. Ketu:
Friend – Tue, Fri
Enemy- Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu

(Special- All planets except friend and enemy planets are equal)