12th Lord In Astrology

12th lord in astrology

Dwadashesh results / 12th lord in astrology:-When the twelfth house is in the sixth or twelfth house, then the

person becomes sinner, who wants the death of the mother, is angry, is unhappy with the children and gets

engrossed in the adulterous. Whose Dwadashesh is in the seventh house or ascendant, he never gets the happiness of a woman. That person is weak, phlegmatic, devoid of wealth and knowledge.

When the twelfth house is in the wealth-place or the eighth house, then the person becomes Vishnu-devotee,

Moon in 12th house in Vedic astrology

devout, beloved and possesses all good qualities.

If the dwadashesh is in the fraternal place or the place of religion, then the person is the nurturer of his body,

having two marriages, is hostile and anti-guru. If Dadashesh is in the tenth or the place of profit,

then there is no happiness for the father and the son. In fact, some wealth is obtained from gems.

Names of 12 houses in Vedic astrology

Results of the benefice

When the lord is in the benefic, the person becomes a speaker, a scholar and a poet.

If benesh is in the twelfth house, then the person is in contact with the Mlechchas, he becomes erudite,

slow to act, short-tempered and lustful.

When the lord is in the Ascendant, then the person is rich, sattvik nature, like-minded, orator and is very proud.

When the benefice is in the place of wealth or son, then the person is endowed with many kinds of happiness,

son-in-law, virtuous and full of all kinds of accomplishments.

When the lord is in the bharat-sthan or the wealth-place, then the person is ready in pilgrimage,

clever in all works and is full of colic.

If the lord is placed in the sixth house, then the person is prone to many diseases, sometimes gets happiness,

Sun in 12th house in Vedic astrology

is migrant and a servant.

If the benefice is in the seventh or eighth house, then his wife does not win. He is generous, virtuous, hardworking and foolish. When benefic or in the tenth house, then the person becomes royal, wealthy, clever, truthful and ready in his religion [ 12th lord in astrology ].