Mars And Ketu Conjunction

Mars and Ketu conjunction

Mars and Ketu conjunction:-The person who has inauspicious conjunction of Mars and Ketu in his horoscope,

his relationship does not last much longer than his brother, friends, neighbors, as soon as his relationship gets

spoiled with others, strange thinking arises in him that others What should I do with him so that he gets

upset or gets in trouble?

Mars and Venus combination in horoscope

The natives of this combination have to suffer a lot related to children, there are many incidents of miscarriage also. Those with such a combination have to face problems related to high blood pressure or blood, it is more likely to be

in the Dasha of 28 to 32 and 48 to 50 or Mars, Ketu.

Mars and Ketu conjunction continues,

The conjunction of Mercury with two planets

In the meantime, the skin gets spoiled by allergies, due to boils, or in some other way. Due to this combination,

there is enthusiasm in the person, but that enthusiasm is not maintained for a long time, due to which the person

does not remain stable on any issue for a long time, soon his enthusiasm decreases and he will not be able to do

that work. go away. This combination makes a person violent.

The people affected by this yoga are unable to control their anger and sometimes even go to jail. If this combination

Mars rahu conjunction

is auspicious, then such a person works in the police and army and is interested in spiritual thoughts, especially

the monks are influenced by the ascetic, there may be a monk in their house. This combination gives sudden profit

and loss to the person in life.

This combination also gives full wealth and respect to the planets in their own Dasha.

This combination also makes progress in the work related to politics and government.

There are many other factors for e.g. which house this yoga is getting formed. Get a professional astrologer consultation before coming to any conclusions.