On Which Part Of The Body Do Planets Influence, Knowing Will Keep You Alert

On which part of the body do planets influence, knowing will keep you alert

Planet Nakshatra exerts its own influence in different places on the earth, due to which different types of species, trees, plants, and minerals are born. In the same way, each planet has negative and positive effects on the body.

If you know which part of your body is getting damaged, then you will also know that due to which planet is affected by this, then surely you will be able to remedy that planet. So let’s know which planet exerts its influence on which part of the body from the best astrologer in north Delhi.

Surya –

Sun is in the center of the head in the body. The effect of the sun remains on the brain and our intelligence. Sun also affects our bones, pancreas, cephalic, eye, and heart.

Chandra –

The effect of the moon is on the heart and body water. This affects our minds. It teaches to imagine. Moon also affects our will and lungs.

Mars –

Mars has an effect on the eyes and blood. If both of these are good then Mars will also be good. It gives us courage and fearlessness. Mars also affects our throat, sattva, might, and anus.


Mercury is affected on the teeth, teeth, and nose. This governs our speech, behavior, and intelligence. It makes us worthy and learned. Mercury also affects our digestive system, skin, and air.


Guru’s influence on nose and body air. If the air in the body is good then both knowledge and luck will be good. Guru also influences our knowledge, bile, and fat.


Venus has an effect on semen, juice, and skin. If it is good then the person will be attractive as well as he will enjoy wealth and female happiness. Venus also influences our genitals.


Saturn has an influence on bone and navel. If the heart is not strong in the body, then nothing will be right. The navel is the center of our life. Saturn being good means that the person will be knowledgeable and meditative. Saturn also affects our knees, ankles, nerves, and phlegm.


The position of the peak on the head and Rahu on the face is affected. Rahu also influences our intestines.


From the throat to the heart and the feet, Ketu remains in effect. If the legs are weak. You keep rotting, Ketu will be ineffective. If it is good, then the person will be involved in mystical knowledge. Ketu also affects our intestines.

It is noteworthy that the effect of one planet in the horoscope changes with another. As Guru and Venus together become lunar. Similarly, other planets converge to another planet. Then their effect will be different. In this way, if a planet is getting weak due to being influenced by its enemy planet, then it will have related diseases. As if Saturn is with Mars, there is a possibility of eye disease. If it is not, then the person will be angrier.

Other information-

There are two parts to the palm of our hand. One is part of the fingers and the other is part of the palms. The fingers are part of the zodiac sign and the palm has planets.

In fingers – Lal Kitab’s 36-year cycle means the cycle of zodiac signs. We have three pores on each finger except the thumb. Each knuckle is considered to be three years old. In this way, 12 poles have 12 zodiac signs and 12 zodiac signs have 36 years. This is the horoscope of the horoscope houses.

The first index finger is the Guru’s finger. The second finger is the middle finger of Saturn. The third ring finger is the finger of the Sun and the fourth finger is the finger of Mercury.

1. The first finger of the index finger is of Aries, the second tree and the third is of Gemini. The index finger contains 1, 2, and 3 digits.

2. The first tip of the middle finger is considered to be Capricorn, the second tip is Aquarius and the third tip is of Pisces. Madhyama consists of 10, 11, and 12 food items.

Planets influence CONTINUES………………….

3. In the third finger ring finger, the first por is Cancer, the second is Por Sign and the third is considered to be Virgo. The numbers 4, 5, and 6 eat in this finger.

4. The first tip of the fourth finger is considered to be Libra, the second tip is Scorpio and the third tip is of Sagittarius. This finger consists of 7, 8, and 9 food.

Palms part-

The position of Mercury below the Virgo, the Sun below the ring finger, the Saturn of the middle, the Guru under the index finger, and Venus below the thumb. The position of Rahu and Ketu is in the geminate, while in the middle of the palm according to the prevailing palmistry.

Mountain on the Hand- A mountain made in the roots of the thumb and fingers on the hand like the mountain of Venus and Mars formed under the thumb. Mount of Guru built under the first finger. Mount of Saturn below the middle finger. Surya Parvat built under the ring finger.

Mount Mercury below the shortest finger. Moon mountain at the end of the hand and mountain of bad Mars. Rahu mountain, which is located on the wrist above the end of the lifeline, it all tells the position of the planets in the hand.