What Is Kalsarpa Yoga?

What is Kalsarpa Yoga

On hearing the name of Kalsarpa Yoga, a strange fear settles in the mind. The person suffering from this defect sees many types of ups and downs in life. Despite being ambitious, the person is deprived of complete success. If you are suffering from Kalsarp Yoga then Nagpanchami is the best day that can relieve you from this suffering.

Many scholars have suggested their remedies according to their opinions. There is confusion in every person today regarding Kalsarp Yoga. The person remains very concerned about what it is and how to prevent it as suggested by the best astrologer in India.

Kalsarpa Yoga has always been there:

In astrology, Kalsarpa Yoga has been considered a major obstacle in a person’s life. Due to this yoga, there are more obstacles in life. Pleasant results are obtained by taking measures for the prevention of Kalasarp dosha. Kalsarpa yoga has always been there but for some unknown reasons, people are very scared of this in recent times. Ancient astrologers like Maharishi Parashar and Varahamihira have mentioned it in their texts.

Don’t be afraid of Kalsarp Yoga:

Kalasarpa yoga is formed when all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu. It has also been proved by Maharishi Bhrigu, Kalyan Varma Badarayan, etc. In our ancient texts, Rahu is called Kaal, and Ketu is called Serpent. The tenth verse of the 4th chapter of the Manasagri Granth, it is said that Saturn, Sun, and Rahu are in seventh place in Lagna when there is a snake bite.

In religious texts, Rahu is considered as Addevata-Kaal & Ketu as Pratidhi Devata-Serpent. Therefore, their worship is mandatory. Kalsarpa yoga is peace, birth peace, it cannot be denied.

In the case of planets at birth, when Rahu-Ketu is face to face and all the planets remain side by side, then that period is called Sarpa Yoga. People should not be afraid of Kalsarpa Yoga. Kalsarp Yoga has been in the Horoscope of many influential and established members of society nationally and internationally.