Keep The House Cool And Paint Walls For Positive Aura

Keep the house cool and Paint walls for positive Aura
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Creating a harmonious living space is a universal goal, and one way to achieve it is by incorporating Vastu Shastra principles into your home. Let's explore how to keep your house cool and paint walls to promote a positive aura, as per Vastu guidelines. Vastu, an ancient Indian architectural science, emphasizes the importance of energy flow and balance within a living space. By following these guidelines, you can create an environment that not only looks beautiful but also fosters well-being and positivity.

1. Understanding Vastu for Your Home

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian architectural system that offers guidelines for designing and arranging spaces to maximize harmony and balance. To create a positive aura in your home, it's crucial to grasp the fundamental principles of Vastu.

2. Importance of a Cool House

2.1. The Impact of Temperature

Maintaining an optimal temperature within your home is essential for comfort and well-being. Extreme heat can lead to discomfort, irritability, and even health issues.

2.2. Vastu and Temperature

Vastu recommends specific techniques to keep your house cool naturally. These include selecting the right materials, orientations, and layouts for your home.

3. Choosing the Right Colors

3.1. The Psychology of Colors

The colors we choose can deeply impact our emotions and energy levels. Vastu acknowledges this and provides guidance on selecting colors that resonate with positive energy.

3.2. Vastu-Approved Paint Colors

Discover the Vastu-approved colors that can enhance the aura of your living space. From soothing blues to vibrant greens, each color has its significance.

4. Cooling Techniques According to Vastu

4.1. Ventilation and Cross-Ventilation

Ensuring adequate ventilation is essential to preserve a comfortable and revitalizing atmosphere within your home. Vastu offers insights into the ideal placement of windows and doors for effective cross-ventilation.

4.2. Shade and Greenery

Creating natural shade with trees and plants around your home can significantly reduce indoor temperatures. Vastu recommends specific types of trees for maximum benefit.

5. Applying Vastu Principles in Your Home

5.1. De-Cluttering

Creating a space devoid of clutter is vital to facilitate the smooth flow of positive energy. Learn how to declutter your home as per Vastu recommendations.

5.2. Furniture Placement

Vastu provides guidelines for arranging furniture to facilitate energy flow and create a harmonious living space.


Incorporating Vastu principles into your home's design and maintenance can have a significant impact on your well-being and the overall atmosphere of your living space. By keeping your house cool through natural means and selecting the right colors, you can create a positive aura that promotes happiness and harmony. Remember, Vastu is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a balanced and energizing environment that supports your physical and mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I paint my entire house in one color?

Yes, you can, but it's essential to choose a color that aligns with Vastu principles. Consider consulting a Vastu expert for guidance.

Q: How can I incorporate Vastu principles if I'm renovating my house?

You can still apply Vastu principles during renovations. Focus on colors, materials, and layouts that align with Vastu recommendations.

Q: Is Vastu Shastra a religious practice?

No, Vastu Shastra is not a religion but a science of architecture and design that aims to create a balanced and harmonious living environment.

Q: How can I improve the positive aura in my bedroom?

To enhance the positivity in your bedroom, choose calming colors, place your bed in the right direction, and ensure proper ventilation.

Q: Are there specific Vastu guidelines for home offices?

Yes, Vastu offers recommendations for home offices, including the ideal location and layout for maximum productivity.

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