Ketu Mahadasha Experiences

ketu mahadasha experiences

ketu mahadasha experiences || Ketu’s Mahadasha – Result of Antardasha:-1. Result of Ketu‘s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

There may be discord with enemies, there may be opposition with friends. One has to hear inauspicious words, have fever and fever in the body (burning or burning in any part of the body). have to go to another’s house and the wealth is destroyed

2. Result of Venus in the Mahadasha of Ketu:

There may be discord with a superior brahmin, there may be conflict with one’s wife and the people of the family, the birth of a girl child in the native’s house, the native may be defamed or he has to be looked down upon and he may suffer from other people.

3. Result of Sun’s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

If a teacher dies, there is opposition from his men, he is suffering from fever, there is discord from the king or the government, there is a disease caused by Vata or cough, but there is benefit from going abroad.

4. Result of Moon’s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

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Suddenly there may be profit of a lot of money and there may also be loss of a lot of money, there may be separation from the son, there may be such maternity (birth of a child) in the house due to which there may be suffering, there may be benefit of servants and daughter-in-law.

5. Result of Mars Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha

Mars mahadasha and antardasha

May there be discord with your ancestors, your brethren perish, be afraid of snakes, chaurs and fire, be tormented by enemies.

6. Result of Rahu’s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

There may be strife due to enemies, fear from the king, from fire, and from the thief. Wicked people have to listen to the voice and the person should do deeds that harm others.

7. Result of Jupiter’s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

Whether it is the birth of a superior son, the worship of the gods, the acquisition of earth and wealth, or the receipt of money from the land, there should be a lot of income, gifts from place to place. Get respect from the king or the government. The result of this antardasha will be good.

8. Result of Saturn’s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

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There may be loss of servants, suffering from others, quarrel with enemies, loss of any part of the person, loss of place, (job or house), and loss of money. This antardasha has very bad results.

9. Result of Mercury’s Antardasha in Ketu’s Mahadasha:

A good son may be born, praise from his master, land, and wealth, but the person should be harassed by some big enemy. Loss of cattle and agriculture. This antardasha has mixed results.

Gurujan in Sanskrit does not mean Guru or Acharya only. Father, uncle, eldest brother, maternal uncle, aunt, warts, brother-in-law, or guru – all these come under the gurujan. Mother, grandmother, baba, etc. should also be understood in Gurujan only [ ketu mahadasha experiences ].