Mercury, The Planet Of Wisdom, Brings Immense Success !!

Mercury  the planet of wisdom brings immense success

Mercury, the planet of wisdom, brings immense success !!

Wednesday is the day of the planet Mercury, the god of wisdom. The people represented by Mercury are very beautiful. Mercury holds the title of prince in the Navagrahas. His body is very beautiful and slim. He is white in height. His beautiful hair is attractive, he is sweet-spoken.Mercury is a factor of intelligence, speech, expression, education, teaching, mathematics, logic, mechanics, astrology, accountants, Ayurveda knowledge, writing, publishing, dance-drama and personal business. Mercury is also a factor of maternal uncles and maternal relatives.According to astrology, people of Mercury are fond of humor and humor. Sharp intelligence makes the talent talented and they can debate on every subject.The people of Mercury influence are zodiacal and imaginative. The people affected by Mercury are cheerful, interested in poetry, music and sports, educated, writing talented, mathematician, patron in commerce and businessman. Boods are eloquent and good speakers. There are good opportunities in salesmen and marketing for Mercury natives.Mercury represents brain, tongue, nervous system, gland, skin, speech power, neck etc. Hence it is a factor of various diseases like memory loss, headache, skin diseases, seizures, chicken pox, bile, phlegm and air nature diseases, mutism, mania.For the power of the every Amavasya should be fasted, and emerald jewellery should be worn.The Brahmin should donate ivory, green cloth, coral, emerald, gold, camphor, arms, citrus fruits and melted butter.In the Navagraha Mandal, he is worshiped in the northeast. Their symbol is arrow and color is green. Do not consume complete moong on this day and instead donate it if your Mercury in your horoscope is delivering you unfavourable results.Soak green moong on Tuesday night and feed this moong cow on Wednesday morning.

Worship Sangameshwar Mahadev for the planet Mercury

Mythology: In the Avantikhand of Skandpuran, King Subahu of Kalinga country was distressed by the daily headaches. He went to bathe at the place where the Ganges, Nilganga and Kshipra were confluent with the unknown inspiration. After bathing, he offered water to the confluence site to the Mahadev temple built nearby, due to which the effect of his headache ended.

Subahu told his wife Vishalakshi that in his previous life he was a Shudra and condemned the Vedas. Because of this he was separated from his son and wife. In the next life, there was harmony between us as a tortoise and your pigeon in the Kshipra river.

One day I hit your head hard and brought you to Sangameshwar. As soon as we appeared, both of us were killed by the same person. Due to these defects of previous birth, I used to have pain in my head. In this birth, we had a confluence again in this temple, therefore, it would be called Sangameshwar Mahadev.

This temple is located on the Rama ladder in Ujjain.

Special- Panchami of Shukla Paksha gets the desired results from worship and consecration. For the peace of the planet Mercury, Rudrabhishek with sugarcane juice in the month of Shravan gives special fruit.