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Famous astrologer in India Benefits of Mantra

Learn the importance of Mantra therapy from the famous astrologer in India. Mantra provides benefits in various physical and mental diseases. Experts have now started to believe that along with the human body, this entire

creation is made up of Vedic vibrations. Whenever a disorder arises in the body due to asymmetry in the

three doshas called Vayu-Pitta-Kapha, then it is possible to successfully treat it by mantra therapy.

Venus in the form of Lakshmi

According to researchers from a famous university in the US, there was a significant decline in the growth of

cancer cells when the effects of the mantras of Samaveda and the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa were tested on

the linings of cancerous lungs, intestine, brain, breast, skin, and fibroblasts. In contrast, fast-paced westerns and loud rock music led to faster growth of cancer cells.

Benefits of Mantra – 2

According to the clinical trials done on five thousand patients of about fifty diseases of mantra therapy,

seventy percent in asthma, seventy percent in asthma, 65 percent in gynecological diseases,

sixty percent in the skin and anxiety-related diseases, high blood pressure,

fifty-five percent in those suffering from hypertension, Fifty-one percent in arthritis, forty-one percent in disc problems, forty-one percent in eye diseases and forty percent in various allergic conditions.

Also, Mantra therapy is a boon for those people who are suffering from chronic and chronic diseases. It has been said that whenever a person recites the Gayatri Mantra, many types of sensations affect the person’s mind through this mantra.

Benefits of Mantra – 3

German scientists say that whenever a person speaks something with his mouth, the vibration and vibration of the voice in his speech are of 175 types. When a cuckoo sings in the fifth voice, there are 500 types of vibrations in its voice, but German scientists also say that when the scholars of South India have systematically recited the Gayatri Mantra, it was known through instruments that Gayatri There were 700 types of experiences of full vibrations by reciting the mantra.

Scientists say that even if a person does not recite, even if he only listens to the text, it still has an effect on his body. He made a small machine in the shape of a human being and some small lights were installed in that figure.

Benefits of Mantra – 4

After installing the light, it is written in front of the instrument that if a person stands here and makes any kind of sounds, then according to that voice, the lights will be seen burning in the shape of a human, but if someone goes and utters the Gayatri Mantra, then from the feet to the feet.

All the lights till the head start burning simultaneously. All these lights do not get lit by chanting mantras and any kind of sounds from around the world. By chanting a Gayatri Mantra, everyone starts burning because the vibration inside it is amazing.

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