Kundli Matching Behavior Of Future Wife

kundli matching behavior of future wife

kundli matching can help know the behavior of future wife from the planets of the seventh house:-

After marriage, the husband often complains that the wife does not listen to him, does not take the family
along, his behavior was different before the marriage and has become different now… All such things happen. But have you ever wondered why this happens? The reason for this can be ascertained by looking at the horoscope.
A lot of information can be obtained about the nature of the future wife by looking at the horoscope. The seventh house in the birth chart is the house of the spouse. By this, the nature of the husband or wife is known. The nature is decided according to the planets present in this house.
If you want to get information about a woman, then the planets of this house should be studied. Let us see what is the effect of the presence of which planet in the seventh house of a woman’s horoscope.
Sun: kundli matching determines If the Sun is in the seventh house of a woman’s horoscope, then she is of evil nature. She has a hoarse voice and is always ready to fight. Due to this nature the woman is deprived of the love of her husband.
Moon: If the Moon is in the seventh house, then the nature of the woman is sweet. There is shame in that. If the Moon in the seventh house is in Taurus, then the woman is fond of wearing clothes, jewelry and she is beautiful.
Mars: Mars in the seventh makes a woman unlucky. Such a woman lives in the company of bad people and does bad deeds. If there is Cancer or Leo in the seventh house and Saturn is also with Mars, then the woman has relations with many men. Although it has plenty of money.
Mercury: If there is Mercury in the seventh house in the horoscope of a woman, then she has a large amount of ornaments. Spoken language is sweet. She is friendly and loves her husband. If Mercury is exalted in this place, then the woman is a writer, rich and enjoys many kinds of opulence.
Jupiter: Due to Jupiter, a woman becomes virtuous, wealthy, virtuous and happy. If there is a Jupiter in the seventh house and the Moon is in Cancer, then the woman is full of beauty. Men are bound by their attraction.
Venus: If Venus is in the seventh house, then the woman gets a beautiful, wealthy and skilled husband with superior qualities. Such a woman herself is an example of beauty. Its hair is long, fair complexion and eyes are sharp.
Shani: If Saturn in the seventh house is in the horoscope of a woman, then her husband becomes sick, poor, addicted, weak. If Saturn is in Libra then it is exalted. The exalted Saturn husband is wealthy, virtuous, modest.
Rahu or Ketu: If there is Rahu or Ketu in the seventh house of the horoscope, then such a woman is going to blame her family. She is always unhappy and deprived of her husband’s happiness. Such a woman has a tough nature. He doesn’t get along well with anyone.