Famous Astrologer In Uttam Nagar Kemdrum

famous astrologer in Uttam Nagar Kemdrum

Raja Yoga is formed when Kemdrum Yoga is broken explains famous astrologer in Uttam Nagar:

One of the main planets of Vedic astrology is Kemdrum Yoga, which gives neither more bad nor better effect to the person, but the horoscope in which this yoga is present gives the person the power to fight the struggles in life and get out of them. provides.
A certain placement of Moon creates Kemdrum Yoga. Kemdrum Yoga is formed when there is no planet in the second and twelfth house from the Moon in a birth chart.
Apart from this, even if there is no planet with the Moon or there is no direct sight of any other auspicious planet on the Moon, then Kemdrum Yoga is formed. Rahu-Ketu is not accepted in the formation of this yoga.
According to Vedic astrology, Kemdrum Yoga is dissolved and converted into Raja Yoga when certain planetary yogas are formed. If there is Moon or any other planet in the Kendra from the Ascendant in the horoscope, Kemdrum Yoga is dissolved.
Even if some other conditions are created in the horoscope, this yoga is broken. For example, when the Moon is forming a conjunction with the auspicious planets, the Moon is exalted in the tenth house or the Moon is completely strong in the center, then in such a situation Kemdrum Yoga is dissolved.
To get detailed information about this yoga, one should get the horoscope studied by a qualified astrologer.
Effect of Kemdrum Yoga by famous astrologer in Uttam Nagar
According to the definition of Vedic astrology, Kemdrum Yoga is not very harmful. In this yoga, the person does not always get inauspicious effects, but in this yoga, the person gets the ability and strength to deal with the struggles of life and get out of them.
The person strongly affected by this yoga gets separated from the family. Woman, house, clothes are left out of his life. Their sources of income are being snatched away. Having Kemdrum Yoga, one has to lead a life full of struggle and deprivation.
The other side of Kemdrum Yoga is that many people get success in their field of work and get high level of status and prestige.
Remedies to avoid Kemdrum Yoga
To reduce the ill-effects of yoga, starting from Chitra Nakshatra on Som Purnima or Monday, one should observe a fast for four consecutive years.
On Monday, offer raw milk of cow to Shivling in Shiva temple and worship. Worship Goddess Parvati also.
Worshiping Lord Shiva helps a lot in reducing the inauspicious effects of this yoga.
Donate things related to the moon like milk, curd, ice cream, rice, water etc.
A small piece of silver to be kept near the body.
Recite sri sukta
Recite Shrisukta every day at the time of evening worship.
Keep Ganga water filled in a small silver urn at the place of worship.
Establish a Dakshinavarti conch shell in your home and recite Shrisukta regularly. Fill this conch with water and offer it to the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. Wear a pearl in a silver Shree Yantra. Always keep this pearl with you.
Make kheer made of rice and cow’s milk on every Monday and feed it to small children.