Best Astrologer In East Delhi On Bhadra

Best Astrologer In East Delhi on Bhadra

As per the  Best Astrologer In East Delhi, according to the scriptures, whenever the prohibition time is given on the festival-festival or festival period in connection with the period related to the chaudharya and sin planets, that time is worth doing for auspicious work. On the basis of mythological belief, Bhadra is related to Sun and Saturn.

It is believed that when the habitat of Bhadra touches a festival period, it is considered to be full of worship till the

time of its completion. The time of Bhadra is considered to be 7 to 13 hours 20 minutes, but the time

between the sequence of the constellation and the date in the middle and the value and calculation of the

first half of the Panchak varies from time to time.

Bhadra continues……………..

Also, it is suggested by the  Best Astrologer In East Delhi, that the time of the Bhadraukt festival should be left in which the idea of ​​Bhadra’s face and the tail is given.

Marriage, shaving, house logging, Raksha Bandhan, etc. are not asked for in the Bhadra period. But during

Bhadrakaal, female affair, yagna, bathing, using weapons and weapons, conducting operations,

filing a lawsuit in the court, lighting a fire, cutting something, buffalo, horse,

camel-related deeds are considered paved. When Karan becomes Vishti, it is called Bhadra.

The twelve names of Bhadra: –

Dhanya, Dadhi Mukhi, Bhadra, Pandemic, Kharana, Kalratri, Maharudra, Vishikaran, Kulaputrika, Bhairavi, Mahakali, are insecure.

Remedies for Bhadra Dosha:

On the day of Bhadra and if you have to do any auspicious work under the most necessary circumstances,

then you should fast.

After bathing in the morning, make a statue of Bhadra of Kushaas after worshiping Dev, Pitri, etc., and

worship him with flowers, incense, lamp, smell, naivedya, etc. Then after offering 108 sacrifices in havan with

twelve names of Bhadra, sesame, and cucumber Including the Brahmin, after taking food, he himself should be

silent and eat a small meal of Kusharan mixed with sesame seeds. Then at the end of the worship, praying by

chanting in this way, install the imagined Bhadra Kush on an iron plate and

worship it with a piece of black cloth, flowers, smell, etc.

Then give it to the Brahmin with sesame, oil, savatsa, black cow, black blanket, and the potency Dakshina. Bhadra idol should be immersed in running water. In this way, whoever methodically promotes Bhadra fast, does not get disturbed in any of his actions.

The person who fasts on Bhadra does not suffer ghosts, vampires, dakinis, shakinis, and planets, etc.

Bhadra Parihar: 

Bhadra is eliminated in some essential conditions. For example, if Bhadra starts in the first half of the date,

that is, in the first half of the date day, when it starts on the night of Bhadrayadi,

then it becomes pleasant and not blasphemous.

Bhadra Vasa:

When Moon is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Bhadra lives in heaven. Bhadra resides in the death world, ie, in

front of the moon of Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and when there is a moon located on Cancer,

Leo, Aquarius, Pisces. When Bhadra lives in the land, it is considered inauspicious and forbidden. One should not do auspicious work at this time. In other folks it is auspicious.


The name of Bhadra of Shukla Paksha is Vrischiki. The name of Bhadra of Krishna Paksha is Sarpini. The Bhadra Sarpini of the day is the Bhadra Vrishiki of the night by some variation. The venom of the scorpion is in the sting and

due to the snake’s mouth, the tail of Vrishiki Bhadra and the face of Sarpini Bhadra are particularly notable.

Bhadra Dosha: Dosha, Tuesday, Saturday, Dosha, Satpitha, VIII Bhastha, and birth constellation Dosha, is considered auspicious after midday.