Just Keep These Things In Mind, You Will Become Very Rich

Just keep these things in mind, You will become very Rich

There is a desire in every mind to earn money. But even after earning the money you want if the money does not

last then, we should focus on our daily routine. The best astrologer in India suggests that small things should be included in our habits. This remedy is not a trick but a useful compilation from the experiences of the elderly.

If the money is not accumulating even after earning enough money Jyotish experts in Delhi NCR recommend feeding black dogs with mustard oil on every Saturday. The below might look like very simple and harmless behaviors but they can have a huge impact on making our life more positive.

What not to do Sleeping reading and eating in the evening is prohibited. Feet should be washed with cold water before sleeping but they should not be wet when you go to sleep. It destroys wealth.

Lakshmi is very important in Astrology and it’s not advisable to do things that are not appropriate like consuming rice curd and sattu at night. Therefore those who want prosperity and those who are suffering financially should not consume them in dinner. Do not drink water or tea without rinse in the morning. Never touch the feet of the cow Brahmin and Agni with your unclean hands or feet. The best Vedic astrologer in Delhi suggests that it is inauspicious to keep them in the house even if the flowers or necklaces offered to the Gods and Goddesses dry up. Collect them and pour them in a nearby river or a holy shrine. The water of holy rivers should be stored and kept in your house. It is more beneficial by keeping it in the northeast of the house.