Jataka Born In The Fourth Stage Of The Visakha Nakshatra Is Ambitious

Jataka born in the fourth stage of the Visakha nakshatra is Ambitious

The final phase of the Visakha nakshatra falls in the Scorpio zodiac sign of mars. It is identified by the name letter. Where the constellation is Swami Guru then the Yuti Yatra relationship of Rashi Swami Mangal

The famous astrologer in Delhi says that Guru mars are very beneficial for that person. Such Jatakas are ambitious virtuous judicious but also hardliners who believe in religious positions reaching high positions. Guru will give the ability of knowledge separation administrative ability justice the same will give courage.

Read below impacts on all the zodiacs signs as per the Jyotish experts in Delhi NCR

Scorpio ascendant and zodiac sign is the water element. The native-born in this zodiac and the last person of the last phase of the special Visakha nakshatra is also a clear speaker respecting elders who are adamant about judicious things. Aries ascendant if you are in guru Ascendant and mars is in the ninth house of fortune then such people will be high quality ambitious religious minded high ranking people.

If mars are in the fifth house in the ninth house then such a person will be the best success. Visakha Nakshatra is the sixteenth Nakshatra in the sky circle. Its three phases fall in Libra. The lord of the 
Visakha nakshatra is the guru. There is Venus lord Venus. The condition or age of Nakshatra Swami is sixteen years old.

Visakha Nakshatra Continues

The wife of Nakshatra Swami in Taurus Ascendant will be good-natured lucky. Age will also be good. Income will also be fine there. If the Guru is with the malefic Mars in the seventh house in this Lagna then the bride or groom of such a person is in the best administrative service or a lawyer.

Jupiter Ascendant in the seventh house tenth eleventh and zodiac lord mars are in the third house then it will be beneficial.

Cancer is the ninth in the Lagna Lagna is in the fifth and mars is the fifth tenth ninth-second house then it will be very successful.

Nakshatra Swami Guru Ascendant Leo Ascendant Fifth Ninth Fourth house in Leo Ascendant mars will be favourable for success in 9th Ascendant fifth.

Such a person will be a rich landowner. Honorary recipients will also be honoured.

Visakha Nakshatra Continued

Virgo should be in the seventh fourth third house in the ascendant, while the zodiac lord is mars Scorpio Sagittarius Pisces then the best success will be successful by the scholar force. The wife or husband will be found virtuous.

In Libra, Ascendant Guru is in the seventh tenth third-best house and the zodiac lord mars will give auspicious results in the seventh house. The guru in Lagna will be auspicious in the fifth ninth tenth best second house. Rashi lord mars Lagna will be auspicious in the fifth tenth and second house.

Nakshatra Swami Guru in Sagittarius Ascendant in fifth Ascendant Navamsa sixth Ascendant Swami mangal in Lagna sixth fifth or Navi will be in a very auspicious result. If zodiac lord Lagna sixth is in Dwadash and if you have a vision from your guru then mars will not be blamed.

Visakha Nakshatra Continues

Capricorn will be auspicious in the Lagna fourth seventh and seventh while the lord mars will be auspicious in Ascendant.

The Aquarius constellation in the constellation Swami Guru will be auspicious in the eleventh-tenth house. In Pisces Lagna, Guru will be auspicious in Lagna Navam Pancham Dasham. Rashi lord Mars Lagna Dasham will give auspicious results in the ninth house.