Rahu In Taurus And Ketu In Scorpio From Twenty Third September What Will Happen In Your Life Now

Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio from Twenty Third September what will happen in your life now

Rahu Ketu has changed its zodiac sign from the Twenty-Third of September to Twenty-Twenty. Rahu is in Taurus and Ketu is in Scorpio. Let s know what will be the effect of this change on the Twelve zodiac signs as per the famous astrologer in Delhi

For the people of the Aries zodiac, this time will be full of difficulties. Their health may deteriorate and they may also face mental problems.

There is a possibility of estrangement in the family as well and social hardship can also be created.

For Taurus, there are not many good signs even for the people of the Taurus zodiac. The native of Taurus can experience sadness in daily activities and is also likely to suffer from air disorders. Be cautious about health although people associated with politics are likely to benefit greatly.

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Gemini People of this zodiac will have to take great care of their health as they may get physical and mental distress to take any decision related to work very carefully and be patient.

For Cancer, this time will bring happiness. The money that was stuck for a long time will be found and the sum of travelling abroad will also be made but the expenses will increase. That is why be vigilant in economic matters. There is a good chance of getting success in work and respect will increase in society which will also increase confidence.

For Leo to be a very beneficial time for the natives of this zodiac senior officials will be happy with your work and good opportunities will come. Income will increase and the economic situation will be strong along with the

sweetness in family relationships you can get political benefits.

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For Virgo, you have to work with a lot of patience and patience and keep yourself mentally calm because the time will be tough for you. Be careful about your work although the family will support you there is also a possibility of sudden monetary benefits.

For Libra, the advice for Libra people is to trust their hard work and not leave anything to luck. Prepare yourself for any kind of difficulty because there is a possibility of being stalled by the completion of your work. Take special care of your health and avoid taking big and important decisions.

Scorpio will enjoy happiness in their marital life but they need to be careful while driving. Those who are involved in research work are likely to benefit a lot and it is also a favorable time for traders. You will get help from friends but having differences with a woman can lead to turmoil in life.

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For Dhanu be careful if you do business, especially those who work in partnership take every decision very carefully there can be problems in marital life too you can win an old suit.

For Capricorn, there will be an increase in the expenses of the people of Capricorn but it is also possible to get money very easily from anywhere. There is a chance of success in the work but every decision needs to be taken very thoughtfully. Your enemies may have a strong position so be very careful.

Aquarius will face trouble on behalf of their children and due to this, they will remain mentally disturbed. There will be disruptions in the functioning as well and there will be turmoil in the marital life as well. The students shouldn’t let any loss in hard work as luck will not support them.

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For Pisces, this time is good for the natives of this zodiac but some precautions are necessary. His fame in society will increase so that his confidence will touch new heights. Friends will be benefited and there is also the possibility of progress but there is a great need to control your anger. If you have elders in your house take great care of them and keep them the best in the family.

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