Worship Aruneshwar Mahadev For The Planet Sun In The Month Of Shravan

Worship Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun in the month of Shravan

The month of Shravan, which usually falls between July and August, is considered one of the holiest months in the Hindu calendar. During this time, devotees engage in various religious practices, one of which is the worship of Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun. This act of reverence is believed to bring prosperity, health, and spiritual growth.

Worship Aruneshwar Mahadev For The Planet Sun In The Month Of Shravan

Worshipping Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun is a revered tradition that embodies the deep connection between spirituality and celestial bodies. The practice involves offering prayers, performing rituals, and showing devotion to Lord Shiva as Aruneshwar Mahadev, who governs the Sun.

The Cosmic Harmony: Aruneshwar Mahadev and the Sun

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is often associated with the Sun, symbolizing the divine energy that sustains life. Aruneshwar Mahadev, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is believed to oversee the Sun's influence on Earth. Worshipping him during Shravan is thought to align one's energies with the Sun's radiance, promoting inner balance and vitality.

Rituals and Offerings:-

[1] Surya Namaskar : Greeting the Sun: A traditional practice involves performing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) as a form of physical and spiritual exercise. The Sun's energy is harnessed through this sequence of yoga postures.

[2] Water and Flower Offerings: Devotees offer water and flowers to Lord Shiva, symbolizing purity and devotion. Water signifies the cleansing of the soul, while flowers represent the beauty of creation.

[3] Chanting Mantras: Reciting mantras dedicated to Aruneshwar Mahadev and the Sun enhances the spiritual connection. The powerful vibrations of these mantras are believed to resonate with cosmic energies.

[4] Lighting Diyas (Lamps): Lighting diyas during the worship symbolizes dispelling darkness and inviting divine light into one's life.

Benefits of Worship

Worshipping Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun in Shravan is believed to bestow several benefits upon devotees:

[1] Health and Vitality: The Sun's energy is associated with vitality and strength. By aligning with this energy, individuals may experience improved physical and mental well-being.

[2] Prosperity and Abundance: The Sun is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Worshipping Aruneshwar Mahadev during Shravan is thought to attract wealth and success.

[3] Spiritual Growth: Connecting with cosmic forces during this auspicious time can lead to enhanced spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the universe.


Worshipping Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun in the month of Shravan is a divine journey that connects devotees to cosmic energies and spiritual blessings. As we engage in these ancient rituals, we invite positivity, health, and prosperity into our lives. Embrace this sacred tradition with an open heart and experience the profound transformation it can bring.


Q: Is this worship specific to a particular region?

No, the worship of Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun in Shravan is observed by Hindus across various regions, as it is a widely recognized and respected tradition.

Q: Can anyone participate in this worship?

Yes, this worship is open to all devotees who wish to connect with divine energies. It does not discriminate based on age, gender, or background.

Q: What is the significance of the month of Shravan?

Shravan is considered highly auspicious due to its association with Lord Shiva and various celestial events. It is believed that prayers and rituals during this month are especially powerful.

Q: How can I enhance my worship experience?

To enhance your worship experience, approach the practice with sincerity and devotion. Learn the relevant mantras, understand their meanings, and perform the rituals with a focused mind and pure heart.

Q: Can I worship Aruneshwar Mahadev for the planet Sun at home?

Absolutely. You can create a sacred space at home for your worship. Set up an altar with an image or idol of Aruneshwar Mahadev, offer water and flowers, and engage in prayer and meditation.

Q: Are there any specific days within Shravan for this worship?

Mondays during the month of Shravan hold special significance for Lord Shiva and his manifestations. Worshiping Aruneshwar Mahadev on these days is considered highly auspicious.

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