The Effect Of Mars In Twelfth Houses Of Horoscope And Solutions

The effect of mars in twelfth houses of horoscope and solutions

People are afraid while the person whose name is mangal how can he do something unintelligible. This planet is fierce but not inauspicious. But according to the best astrologer in north Delhi, every planet gives auspicious and inauspicious results in the horoscope mars also gives both kinds of fruits.

The auspiciousness of mars is determined by the planet sitting with it or by the auspicious planetary vision falling on it. Here best Vedic astrologers in Delhi have discussed the faults of Mars and their remedies in every house give it a read and find out

Mars In The First House

In the first house of the horoscope that is if mars are sitting in the first house, then the person has the following ominous symptoms

The native is a liar and a liar.
Brothers are harmful.
The wife of the native dies in a fire accident.
Two marriages are formed.
The wife of the native is diseased.
The person is quarrelsome and a fighter.
If the moon is in the twelfth house then the native is impoverished.


To make mangal auspicious recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.
Put jaggery in an earthen pot and keep it in a desert place on Tuesday.
Use red coloured clothes more.
Keep Tuesday fast.
Wear a Siddha Mangal Yantra.
In the second house of mars

Mars Is Sitting In The Second House Of The Horoscope, Then It Gives The In-auspiciousness Described Above.

The native was suffering from the disease for nine years.
If the person is younger than his brothers then the death of the elder brother is possible.
In marriage, there will remain mutual affliction between the husband and wife.
If mars are inauspicious then the person is likely to die in a fight.


Distribute fruits to children in the afternoon.
Keep Tuesday fast.
Always keep a red handkerchief with you.
Run a quarter of a kilo or a quarter to five kilos of ravines in the running water.
Boil five date palms in water and flow them into the river.
In the third house of mars.

If Mars Is Sitting In The Third House In The Horoscope Then The Following Provides In-auspiciousness.

The native is an alcoholic.
Is a trickster and cheater.
Due to the inauspicious effects of mars, the person can become a patient of blood pressure.
Mars can also get the natives killed inauspicious.
Due to the inauspiciousness of Mars, the native spoil his work.


Stay away from sneaky friends
Root five and a half Ratti coral gemstones in a gold ring and wear it on Tuesday.
If you do not have the power ability to wear coral wear Siddha Mangal Yantra.
Do not keep items made of ivory in the house.
Put the silver ring on the left-hand finger.
In the fourth house of mars

If Mars Are Sitting In The Fourth House In The Horoscope, Then It Gives Obsolescence Written Below.

The native is Manglik.
The natives can be childless.
The person is suffering from a disease.
Self-harm is caused by anger.
Can be blind in old age.

If mars are in the fourth house and mercury is in the twelfth then the native is completely impoverished.


Wear a ring of the trident.
Wear Siddha Mangal Yantra around the neck or on the right side.
Do not install idols of gods in the house.
Offer a red cover on your bed pillow etc.
In the fifth house of mars.

If Mars Is Sitting In The Fifth House Bhava Of The Horoscope Then The Obsolescence Written Below Provides The Native.

The Jataka who has a birth chart may be an alcoholic indulging in sinful deeds.
There will be many problems in life.
Can also be an epileptic patient.
The native can also be an eye patient.
The woman of the native may be troubled by miscarriage disease.


Fill water in the copper lotus at night and put it in the root of the Peepal tree in the morning.
Plant a Neem tree in the courtyard.
Wear Siddha Mangal Yantra around your neck or make a ring of five and a half rates coral and wear it on the finger of your right hand on Tuesday.
Keep Tuesday fast.
On Tuesday go to the Hanuman temple and distribute Hanuman Chalisa.
Perform Mangal Shanti Paath through the Vedic method.

Whose Mars is in the sixth house in the horoscope provides the following obsolescence

The native may be suffering from haemorrhoids or blood pressure.
The person has a sensual nature and has bad intentions for foreign women.
If Mars is in the sixth house and Mercury is in the eighth house then there is a possibility that his mother will die at the young age of the native.
If Mars is in the sixth and Mercury in the twelfth house then the status of the siblings of the native is pathetic.


Four droughts flow into the river on Tuesday.
Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday and distribute yellow laddu to people.
Wearing Siddha Mangal Yantra will destroy inauspiciousness and yield auspicious results.
Distribute Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Stuti.
Worship virgin girls.
In the seventh house of mars

If mars is sitting in the seventh house of the horoscope then it gives obsolescence written below.

The woman of the native will be angry.
The native himself does his loss due to anger.
The native is usually sonless.
Such natives have a relationship with a foreign woman.


Always make a solid silver bullet and keep it in your pocket.
Drink lassi on Tuesday.
Keep a red handkerchief in your pocket.
Feed your sister sweets on Tuesday.
Wear Siddha Mangal Yantra
Keep Hanumanji fast, distribute Hanuman Chalisa.
In the eighth house

If Mars is sitting in the eighth house in the horoscope then the following provides inauspicious results.

Due to the inauspicious effects of Mars sitting in the eighth house, the person is young and poor.
The death of the native remains for twenty eight years.
If Mars is in the eighth house and Mercury is in the sixth house then there is a possibility of the death of the mother of the native in his childhood.
The person can get trapped in Murder Case.
The native is a patient.


Serve widow woman.
Wear a silver chain.

The Siddha Mars Yantra.
Wear a ring of trident metal.
Read Hanuman Chalisa daily and on Tuesday, distribute and distribute Hanuman Chalisa in the temple of Hanuman.
Always keep a red handkerchief with you.

If mars is placed in the ninth house in the horoscope then the following gives inauspicious effects.

The native is angry.
Vidya remained incomplete.
The native is false.
Be honest yet you get notoriety.
Success in the field of life is less.
Lives on the earnings of a woman.


On Tuesday distribute twenty-one, fifty or one hundred and one Hanuman Chalisa.
Offer vermilion and laddus to Hanuman ji on Tuesday.
Wear Siddha Mangal Yantra.
Make seven square pieces of copper and press them under the soil.
Recite Hanuman Stuti daily.
In the tenth house

Mars sitting in the tenth house provides the unlucky person with the following

One may have to go to jail on charges of theft.
If Mars is in the tenth Sun is fourth mercury is in the sixth position then the native can be the eye of one eye.
If there is any sinful planet with mars the native is wasted.
Due to the inauspicious effects of mars, the native can suffer from the disease for fifteen years.


Serve childless.
Keep deer at home.
Have a sweet meal on Tuesday.
Offer laddus to Hanumanji.
Distribute Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

Mars in the Eleventh House

If Mars is in the eleventh house then the person gives the following obsolescence.
The native is a debtor.
The child of the native is quarrelsome.
The person gets cheated on by friends.
Interruptions in education.
Have to fight hard for their livelihood.


Wear a seamless gold ring.
Raise a black dog.
Apply saffron tilak.
Wear effective Siddha Mangal Yantra to get rid of debt.
Keep Mars fast and distribute prasad yellow ladoos.
Mars in Twelfth House

What is the malefic effect of Mars sitting in the twelfth house in the horoscope?

Fear of loss from enemies.
There will be more expenditure than profit.
Fear of theft in the house.
Conflict with wife.
The native can be childless.


Always keep a red handkerchief with you.
Flow one kilo of water into the flowing water on the day of Mars.
Wearing Siddha Mangal Yantra will be beneficial.
Bake sweet bread in the oven and feed the dog.
Wear five and a half rattis in a coral gold ring.

These were quite a helpful series of remedies from the astrology consultation specialist in delhi ncr for everyone follow these for best results.