Prashna Kundali Astrology

Prashana Jyotish is the science of astrology by which you can know the accomplishment of your mind. Question Lagna is said to be able to predict whether an event will occur or not. In astrology, it is claimed that the rising ascendant has its own unique importance due to the placement of the rising zodiac signs.

       Each house and sign of the zodiac has a unique meaning in astrology. The questioner's own ascendant is rising in the ascendant in this type of astrology. The seventh house gives an idea of ​​the subject matter about which the question is being asked. To know which planet the question is related to sees in full view,

      There may be a question related to that planet or the planet which is strong in the horoscope, it may be related to that planet making a relation with the ascendant. Question time is very important in Prashna Kundli, so how the time of question is determined is considered as an important topic. The rule of Prashna Kundli regarding question timing is that when the question arises in the mind of the questioner, the same question will be answered. is the right time.

                   As the questioner called and the time given by the astrologer to the questioner at that time, the time will be taken in both of these, at the time when the astrologer heard the phone, that is the time of the horoscope. The use of Prashna Kundali has become even more in today's time. It is difficult to see the answers of many questions from the birth chart, whereas they can be easily seen from the Prashna Kundli. It can be known from the Prashna Kundali whether a particular wish will be fulfilled or not. The answers to those questions can also be found from the question chart, which can be answered yes or no, such as victory or defeat in such a case, whether the sick person will be healthy or not, whether the person who has gone from home will return or not. Not only this It can also be known from the Prashna Kundali whether the lost items will be found or not. The presence of an auspicious planet in the ascendant is considered good, and the sitting of an inauspicious planet is inauspicious.

        Similarly, Diwabali sign indicates good question whereas Ratribali sign indicates question related to inauspicious subject. To confirm your question, the sum of the question can also be seen in the birth chart, such as the rise of the variable sign in the lagna indicates that the situation is about to change and the fixed sign tells that what it is will remain the same, that is, the journey In the question of Lagna, if there is a variable sign in the Ascendant, there will be a journey and if there is a fixed sign, it will not happen and when there is a dual nature, attention is paid to the parts of the Ascendant. The success of the question also depends on the fact that the greater the relation of Ascendant, Ascendant, Bhava, Bhavesh, the faster will be the achievement. The question is the desire of the mind, whether the wish of the questioner is in the favor of the questioner or not, it is seen from the question, as in the question of travel, the questioner wants to travel and it also comes in the question chart, only then it is said that the person will travel. , not otherwise. The question of victory and defeat in the horoscope is such a question in which the presence of an auspicious planet in the ascendant gives inauspicious results, while the result of an inauspicious or cruel planet is auspicious. The fact to be considered here is that if inauspicious planets are sitting in both the ascendant and the seventh house, then the results are seen from the degrees.

         The fact is that if inauspicious planets are sitting in both the ascendant and the seventh house, then the results are seen from the degrees. The number of houses is 12 in the horoscope. Each house is stable in the birth chart and each has its own importance. It depends on the question what to see in which sense. In the Prashna Kundali, the Karyesh is the one about which the question has been asked, for example, in the question of marriage, the lord of the seventh house (Bhavesh) is Karyesh. Similarly, in the question of children, the fifth lord is Karyesh. Relationship is seen.