Astrologer In R K Puram Passport Office Sunfa Anafa

Astrologer in r k puram passport office Sunfa Anafa

Astrologer in r k puram passport office – Sunfa and Anafa Yoga make rich and prosperous

Some special yogas are often discussed in Vedic astrology. These yogas can be both auspicious and inauspicious.
Or rather say that according to the position of the planets present in the birth chart of a person, they give good
or bad results. Two such yogas are Anfa and Sunfa Yoga. Both these yogas are formed due to the strong position
of Moon in the horoscope of the native. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope, then even if there are auspicious yogas like Raja Yoga, they cannot get their results.

What is Sunfa and Anafa Yoga :-

Sunfa: If any planet other than Sun is present in a person’s birth chart immediately next to Moon and Moon is in
a strong position and does not have any malefic planets, then Sunfa Yoga is formed. But this yoga is formed only
when the planets present in the house next to the Moon are auspicious. If one is auspicious and
the other is inauspicious, then the yoga is of medium level and if both are inauspicious planets then Sunfa yoga is of
very bad level and its favorable results are not obtained. A person with Sunfa Yoga reaches the prestigious and
big government posts of the country.

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Anafa: If any auspicious planet is present in a person’s birth chart, except the Sun, exactly one house behind the Moon, then Anafa Yoga is formed. In this also the condition is that the position of the moon should be strong. The people who have Anafa Yoga in their horoscope are very calm and generous in nature. Earn special success and respect in the fine arts. There is a feeling of detachment in their mind from the very beginning and in the latter part of life they reach the state of sannyas.

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Rahu-Ketu with Sun is not considered in both these yogas. That is, if these three planets are there then Anafa-Sunfa Yoga is not formed. People who have this yoga in their horoscope reach high positions in their life. His fame and fame spread in all four directions. He is wealthy and is the leader of the society.

astrologers in r k puram passport office

Astrologer in r k puram passport office – When the moon is strong  ;-

As mentioned above, for the formation of Anafa and Sunfa Yoga, it is necessary to have a strong position of the Moon. Moon is strong in the horoscope when the person is born in the Shukla Paksha of the month and the degree of Moon is more than 10 degrees. Also, there should not be any malefic planet with Moon.